Monday, November 05, 2012

Give away winner!

Is Ranae! She was actually the only that entered the give away so this was really easy. I always thought that we have similar taste so this kind of proves that point. Congrats, please send me your address when you have time!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Giveaway!

I finished this little cutie a couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite halloween designs ever. I'm giving away the chart so someone else can finish it for next year, it's such a fun and easy stitch that it can't hang around in my stitched patterns box for long!! If you are a follower, leave your name and I'll let you know who won Sunday! Thank you for the comments on my last post, they are all so sweet!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Awake the dawning day Blackbird Designs Framed!

First one out of my framed Loose Feathers! I did drop all of my 13 pictures off at the exhibit this morning, now to figure out where to hang all of them when I get them back! Thank you for the sweet comments!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finished Prairie Schooler 2012 Freebie

Hopefully the picture will post, seems like I can only post a picture at a time at the moment. This is Prairie Schooler's latest freebie, stitched with called for DMC on a mystery fabric from a grab bag. I'm thinking that it's 32 ct. I have 2 really time consuming classes at the moment, I have to sit in front of the computer a lot with them and as always, that makes my back pain flare up. I'm working on my back exercises to get everything under control but my computer time is limited doing fun stuff, like reading blogs etc. Hopefully I can make the rounds soon. I have a lot of other stitching finishes to share and loads of framed Blackbird pieces. My LNS is having a Blackbird exhibit November, I had Julie frame 3 pieces for me but I also are framing 5 of them on my own. Found this framing company that will custom cut frames and ship them to you. I'm actually finishing the last one up and just have to put paper on the back and hanging hardware on all of them. All put pictures up soon, most of them turned out great and one was just ok but I just think I picked the wrong frame. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments! I have been gone for such a long time I figured none would visit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finished Prairie Schooler Christmas Village

Stitched on 40 ct Sand if I remember right. Had to change some colors so they would show up better.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Still trying to get into the swing of things!

I don't know what it is but I always have such a hard time to get back into the routines after the holidays and I end up being behind on everything. Maybe it's because I really look forward to some time off from school and I'm exhausted after Thanksgiving and Christmas parties but I just feel like a blob. Somehow I have gotten some stitching done, it was probably when I was blobbing in front of the TV and fire place. STO had a Jan 1st challenge and I pulled out the Travelling Stitcher and it stitched up quickly. I didn't change a thing on it since the threads came with and I had 32 ct lambswool at home.

And STO also had a WIP challenge. Just stitch on a WIP a bit in January instead of starting something new. This little Dimples Design bug has been in the UFO pile for probably 7-8 years since it was driving me bonckers. With an ott light I had a much easier time with it and finished it in 4 days. Clearly I have been overestimating my ability to see without that light.

Finally out of the woods on Christmas Village from Prairie Schooler. Seriously, that's a lot of trees and I almost put this project away. But I pulled it out again after my little finishes and it's whole lot more fun now.

I have 1 fun new start and another one that I'm kitting up so hopefully I'm back with more updates soon.

If there's anyone out there that still stops by, thank you for visiting and for every sweet comment!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Haunting Finish!

It's been busy here with my husband travelling again. October and November are usually like that for us. I did have a couple of more finishes. The big one is Happy Haunting from Shepherds Bush!! I started it a couple of years ago and has taken it out every fall and stitched a bit on it. This fall I just kept on going on and finished it early November.

I joined the Christmas Challenge that Becky is hosting and got this cute guy stitched up. I love Mill Hill's ornament kits and have quite a few of the santa's so I want to stitch more of them up. I started this one a while ago but figured out that I had stitched the polar bear with a light gray thread and had to frog the whole bear which I had started with and was almost finished. So out went all the stitching and I had to start it over from scratch. I wasn't sure that the cardboard paper would hold up but it did. He's the Nanavut Santa from the Arctic Circle Santas series from Mill Hill.

And I did some finishing work too. I think these are the Redwork Santas from Prairie Schooler. I stitched them up a couple of years ago and couldn't figure out how to finish them. A couple of months ago I got this idea and tried it out on one of the santa's and since it worked out ok I went ahead and finished the rest of them the same way. Can't wait to set up my tree with handmade ornaments this year, lots of new pretties.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments!