Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to reality!

Spring Sampler from Prairie Schooler # 60
32 ct Summer Storm from Silkweaver, DMC threads

So now when the weekend is over it's back to reality with the kids at home. Wonder what we will do this summer? I'm heading to the gym and the park today and I'm hoping to do the zoo and the childrens museum this week too. Someone told me that the pool has opened but it's a bit to cold to go yet.

Yesterday I dragged DH to 4 different nurseries to look at trees and we still ended up getting two at Wal Mart. We only wanted to find something cheap since they are still going to fix up the lot behind us and although they are only going to even it out, seed it and hopefully plant trees on it I know that there's a risk that they will end up in our yard and kill plants and trees.

Last time they did something major they killed quite a bit for the neighbor and I don't think they reimbursed him ever.

So I'm not spending a lot of money on that part of the yard yet. But we found 2 little maples (sticks really) and got them in the ground. DH says that next tree has to be something different, we now have 5 maples.

My foot is starting to get better, my body is adjusting to the celebrex. Hopefully it will heal so I don't have to get The Shot. It sounded pretty bad when the Dr talked about The Shot, so I'm kind of hoping to avoid it.

Seems like both my blogging and stitching mojo came back when I started stitching on something else. I finished my Spring Sampler late Saturday (yay) and picked up St Basil's Cathedral from Dimples Designs that I'm stitching for Mel's birthday. It's going real well, I have to share a progress pic soon. My scanner is throwing a hissy fit at the moment, sorry for the cut off pic but it was my 4th try. And all of the sampler is there.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day weekend!

Angel Procession from Mirabilia.
Memorial Day weekend has been real nice this far. The kids did get out of school Thursday, so they have had a bunch of friends over the whole weekend starting Friday. We have had friends over two evenings in a row so I haven't stitched much. But it has been nice to just sit out in the yard chatting in the evenings.
I have had it with Angel Procession, just a lot of potpourri stitches and I'm not making any progress. So I'm handing it back to the lady that are handling the whole thing. Our EGA is stitching it for the church we meet in and I think she had about 8 more ladies on the list. So I think that I have done my fair share, I can always stitch on it a bit more later on if they run out volunteers.
So this means that I'm almost done with my PS Spring Sampler! I will post a picture when I'm done.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My headless angel!

Mirabilia's Angel Procession

I'm working on the border of the skirt now, it's nice have finished up the flowers she's holding. She does look a bit weird without her head though. I'm going to work on her until she's done and then finish up Spring Sampler.

I have a 3 things that I have to finish before August and this is one of them. At least I can just hand her over to the next person as soon that she's done, I'm not doing the beading on her.

The carnival went ok, it's always a lot of work and I spent the whole weekend recuperating. I was really tired afterwards. Most of the weekend I didn't even have energy to stitch. But I'm reading a real good mystery by Donna Leon, one of my favorite authors.

Molly found the the right shade 3051 for me, thank you so much Molly!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on the Spring Sampler. I can't remember when I enjoyed stitching a design this much.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Phew! Just another day!

Spring Sampler from Prairie Schooler

The school Carnival is tomorrow so it's just one more day and then I will have some time for myself again. I'm quite stressed out, lots of things that has to be done and DH is off on a business trip to China and India so he has been gone while I've been juggling carnival and the kids activities.

I ran out of 3051 for the Spring Sampler and the new thread I bought was quite a bit darker so I had to put that away for a while. Some of the girls on STO have been going through their stash for lighter 3051 so help is on it's way.

So I'm stitching up a hardanger bookmark for the basket that I'm putting together for the Carnival. There's a couple of handmade wash cloths, handmade soap, Bent Creek's framed Angel sampler and a couple of small cross stitch kits and something for scrap booking.

Thank you so much for your comments, I do appreciate them all!

Sally, people that I have known for years still spell my name wrong now and then.