Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Needle and thread from Little House Needlework finish!

Here's my latest finish! It's Needle and thread from Little House Needleworks. I stitched it using the Crescent Colors that came with chart and the fabric is 32 ct Putty. The frustration level was high here last night, I ended up finishing this twice since I didn't like how it looked after the first time. So out came the scissors and I pulled the stitched part closer to the pillow and it looks so much better.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One finish and a new start!

Remember my mil's anniversery sampler? Well, I did finish it a while back and here's a picture. It's Just Nan's Peacock Cypher and I changed the verse to my in-laws names, their wedding date and the church's name. I can't say that the graphing of the names were my best work but it will do. I used some 32 count mystery linen and DMC.

Close up! Those beads were pretty!

And here's my new start! It's Papillions myster sampler, we are doing it with the guild this year. The other ladies started it in January, I'm on part 2!! Oh, well I guess it's better late then never.

And I did finish Needle and thread from LHN too. But I did get the little bed/pillow that went with it and I'm half way through the finishing with it (sweet) so I'll upload a picture of that finish tomorrow. It's kind of funny looking now. I did find the chart and the pillow at the new LNS I found and started it the same day. That's a first for me, usually I let the designs mature for a while when I'm obssesing over color/fabric choices.

I'm trying to catch up on commenting, I'm doing a lot of stuff with the kids so I only have 15 minutes here and there to enjoy my blog reading.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help me Rhonda!

Last week was one of those fun busy ones, the kids had a lot going on and I had to drive them everywhere. One my way to a piano lesson I spotted a great garage sale and this was what I ended up with. A lady had to move her FIL into a home and she sold some of the glassware and crystal that he had picked up at his travels in Europe.

This is my favorite bowl, my DD fell in love too!

The frames will be good for something eventually! I might repaint some of them. In all I spent $ 4.50 for everything! So I was happy!

In between golf camps, play dates, a visit to the water park and a garage sale where I sold some of my stuff (I didn't have it at my house though, just did a shift selling) I was lucky enough to find a new LNS in town. I'm so excited!! This lady is doing framing and shares the store space with a vaccum store so I have always had the impression that she didn't sell to much cross stitch supplies. I was pleased to see that she had quite a bit to sell and I will sure be back soon. One of the things I bought is almost finished since I hauled it along with me when I have been running kids around.

I have to take some pictures of my stitching, I have a couple more finishes, and I started a new wip so I'm updating again tomorrow!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Framing, finishing and more!

I'm happy to say that the mirror idea worked out perfectly to frame my dragonfly! It was so easy to take the mirror apart and the only snag was that the fit was really snug and I didn't think I would get the piece into it after all the lacing and pinning was done. It was a tense moment!! A bit more padding then I'm used too. But I was able to get it in finally, the fabric is really stretched out and tight and flat so I think in the end it worked in my favor.

Remember my daughter's butterfly? Well, this is how i finished it! She loves it and it hangs from the quilt rack over her bed.

Last year I had this santa in the car as my car project (I spend a lot of time waiting for my kids so I always have a project available). It's one of Mill Hill's Medieval santa's, this might be the Canterbury one. I don't do beading in the car though so the final beading was done last week.

Here's the back, I usually like to put some green felt on the back of these ornaments.

I'm thinking about using this frame for my Marjolein Bastin finish. But there is a bit more space on the sides then on the top and bottom so I have a hard time deciding what to do. What do you think? I can easily finish it to a pinkeep or something too.

I took the kids to Fort Atkinson this weekend. They had their historical enactment weekend, they do that every month from April through October I think. They did a really good job and we all really enjoyed it. My DD loved the lace makind demonstration and got to try her hand on it. I thinks she's hooked!

Here's all the kiddo's in front of the original ammunition storage house, the only original building. The fort was active from 1819 to 1827 so much of the wood buildings were rotted away but they built everything up again on the original foundations. Lewis and Clark stopped by before the 6th regiment moved down to Kansas. A lovely day trip if you live in this area, I can recommend it!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ahh, summer has arrived in my house!

So it's funny that one of my finishes are a Christmas ornament from Earth Threads, I think it's called Jeffrey's ornament and it came as a kit with the tuck pillow. Easy finish and it was fun to stitch.

I also finished up this kit from Lanarte, a Marjolein Bastin one. A girlfriend in Germany sent it to me about 10 years ago. I worked on it as my car project this winter and just now got around to finish it. There wasn't enough threads so I had to just put the finishing touches on it, just took me an hour or 2.

It feels like this was our first normal day off. After I wrote my finals I had to get the house in order finish everything up for summer regarding camps and such. My kids graduated 5th and 8th grade so we had a little party for them each.

But today I just had to do my everyday stuff and no classes during the summer. I even pulled out my finishing supplies and will try my hand on some finishing. It has been really hard to find a round frame for my dragonfly but they had mirrors on sale at Hobby Lobby this week so I found a round mirror there that might work. Keep your fingers crossed that it will!!

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