Monday, February 26, 2007

Look at what Veronica sent!

I'm still trying to recover from the flu. Even after a week it feels like I don't really have any energy yet, some evenings I'm not even stitching.

But it's slowly getting better so I'm hoping that this will be over soon.

We had really bad weather here this weekend, for a while I thought that we would be hit by a blizzard but it just ended up being a winter storm. It was kind of nice just hanging out at home with the kids, hubby and my stitching.

Look what I found Sunday in stucked inside my storm door! My gift from Veronica!! What an amazing package, that needlebook that she stitched for me is just perfectly done. I just love it! All the other goodies are great too and I can't wait to stitch up those charts she sent me.

Thank you so much Veronica, you're great!

I did get my order with my fabric for Villages of Hawk Run Hollow Saturday and don't you think that they sent me the Sand Dune linen instead of Vintage Sand Dune. I've been on the fence about contacting them to correct the matter but I think I will. This is a piece that I had my heart set on using an overdyed fabric.

This weekend I finally started on the 2006 PS ornament for the STO SAL, don't know if I will have time to finish it up before the month is over though.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More pictures!!

The tuck pillow I stitched for Lavon!

The goodies I got from Amanda in the exchange!

Some birthday presents from me to me!
I'm adding som more pictures since that other post did go through (not perfectly, my spacing disappeared, don't know if I dare to mess with it).
Lavon came up with this great idea with a After Christmas exchange for some of us ladies in November and we just sent out our packages the last week of January. I got Lavon's name and I stitched the little JBW tuck a way pillow for her that I've been saving up for Lavon for quite a while now. I knew that I would get her name in an exchange eventually;>. It wasn't until I sent of the package that I remembered that I should have taken a picture of all the goodies, but I did send her some chocolate, a couple of charts and some other small fun things (I'm getting old, can't really remember what more I sent).
When I got home from Colorado I got this great package from Amanda! I love that scissor fob, actually the whole package was great! Thank you sweet heart!
I did get my little birthday gift from myself from Drema early February too, lots of lovely new stuff. My order from Stitching Bits and Bobs was shipped yesterday so it only took then 5 weeks to get that going, I only order from them when I want something that I can't find anywhere else. I usually use Drema but she didn't have the CD with the Town freebies. So when that arrives I can finish Sleeping Beauty.
On vacation I did stitch on The Gameboard Sampler, I have to scan my progress there later today. There's a lot of catching up I have to do though, my laundry room is full (really, can't walk in there) so I know where to start at least!

I think we will survive!!

Rose bouqet from DH.

The gifts from Kath, she's the sweetest!

What I got from Veronica!

Blogger is driving me crazy, I just wrote a huge post and saved it as a draft then I couldn't publish it. While I was playing around with everything, trying to figure out what went wrong the post just disappeared. AAARGGH!
Since I last wrote everything just went from bad to worse. Two of the kids are on penicillin. Oscar ended up fainting in the bathroom while throwing up one night. My dad who was here visiting got the flu from the kids too and I'm sure he thought that he was dying. He was on the phone with my brother in Sweden (who's a Dr) a couple of times per day. Anders (DH) came home from his 3 week long business trip a day early just to get the flu too. The only one that hadn't gotten this plague at that point was I!
The worst of it all was that we were also preparing to go on our ski trip that we have had planned for almost a year. So I ended up taking all the kids to the Dr to ok all of them to go (emergency rooms in strange town is the worst) and after she gave us some instructions and meds we did go on the day we planned.
The drive up was ok, we did stay in Ogallalla and we had dinner at Ole's which the kids enjoyed. I felt sorry for those poor animals though, but I guess it was different times.
We arrived on Thursday, after a pretty eventful drive up after Denver. A snowstorm went over the mountains just when we drove up there. It was really bad there for 20 minutes but it was ok since we took it easy. After renting ski equipment for the kids and getting groceries we took it easy the rest of the day since we planned on skiing the next day.
But that didn't happen since another weather system pulled in. Lots of snow and strong winds, the kids cried just walking over to the club house for swimming. It was good with a day of rest for everyone though, the kids were almost back to normal by then.
With all the snow on Friday we did have a beautiful day of skiing Saturday. I think it was my best ski day ever. Wonderful slopes and powdery snow, lots of sunshine so we had great day!
But in the evening Anders felt worse again and had a fever (103 F) so I think he overdid it. We had a talk the morning after and decided to leave before the next storm system came in on Monday morning (we were planning on leaving Monday morning). My dad was flying out of Denver that afternoon so we took the kids and went tubing (what a blast) and ice skating. Emma was thrilled with her new skates that Anders bought for her in Vancouver. That afternoon we packed up and left, drove back to Ogallalla after dropping dad off at the airport. So we did get back Monday afternoon. But by then I got this blasted flu so I've been totally wiped out until now.
I of course forgot to bring the camera to Keystone in the commotion before we left. But it was beautiful up there and the condo we rented was great. Two bedrooms and a sleeping loft, it had everything that we needed to be comfortable. To bad that we got this flu so we weren't 100 % but these are things that we can't change. The skiing that we did do was wonderful and I think the kids enjoyed the trip in the end too.
Since I haven't really uploaded any pictures of my gifts for my birthday I'm adding them now. Hopefully Blogger will not erase this post!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Very quick post!

I got a lovely gift from Veronica (Senorita Stitches) from the Bloggers Birthday/Christmas Club this Thursday. She sent the cutest little knitted washcloth and some other goodies and she's even working on some more things for me. It was just perfect and I'm going to take a picture later today. Thank you Veronica!!

Unfortunatly Thursday (my birthday) was the same day as Emma came down with the flu and now Oscar is sick too. Really high fevers, 103.7 and 104.5, body aches and sore throats etc. I feel bad for them, they haven't been this sick for a couple of years now. At least I picked my husband up from the airport late yesterday evening so now I have some help. It's not so much that we can do but it's easier when you are there for each other.

Apart from that, I did have a nice birthday. People remembered me and I got some other wonderful gifts. I'm going to take some pictures and share, especially of Kath's gifts, amazing and the flowers DH sent.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Time flies!

Or rather, the weeks goes by quickly but the days are really long. DH is away on business again and is going to be gone a couple of weeks this time. These are the days when I think that we were crazy when we signed the kids up for all these activities. It's not too bad with the girls but I just can't see why 11 year old kids have to practice soccer 4 days a week, and that's not even including games. No wonder that kids burn out when they are 13! But it seems like all good organizations are doing the same thing so there's not a lot of options out there if you want your kid to play.

Enough whining!

I did do a double take last evening when I sat down to check my emails. Seriously, I thought that I was having some major issues with my sight. Everything looked really blurred all of a sudden and it actually took me a minute to figure out that my darling 3 year old had covered the whole screen with my Vaseline Lip Therapy. The effect is very psychedelic for sure, and that gunk is almost impossible to remove.

The kitchen is finished! It's now all green, even the rounded corners turned out ok after I spent an hour just taping them to get it just right. Funny, it just hit me yesterday that it's a very Shepherd's Bush green that I picked out. The shade is one of the greens that they use quite often, can't remember the exact # of the silk now but I have to check it out next time I stitch one of their kits up. So this will work out perfect since I'm hanging the Gatherer's in there in the eating nook when they are stitched up and framed. I just have 2 finished at the moment so I better get cracking. Harvest Moon is already hanging in there on one side of the window, maybe I should get and stitch Winter Moon and hang on the other side.

Anyways, I'm taking pictures at the moment but it just doesn't look alright yet. That Behr paint dries really slow so it looks like a patchwork quilt on the walls, usually it don't look real good for a week. Hard to work with that paint but it's excellent if you have pets or kids who are hard on walls. It dries hard and is very scrubable.

I'm still waiting for my beads from Stitching Bits and Bobs. Since I ordered several other items for my birthday at the same time so I'm sure she had to order in some of the things. Wonder if it will get here before I pay my Visa bill?

And I still haven't started my Gameboard Sampler! I haven't had the time to go in and pull out the threads and I just love working on The Sanctuary, it's just impossible to put it down. It's a pretty crooked scan, sorry, I have a hard time getting the fabric to work with me today.