Monday, August 22, 2011

Where did this summer go? Our July's are usually busy but they have never been this crazy. Both my girls have their birthdays in July,we wen't on vacation to Minnesota for one week and the county fair was in July too. I actually volunteered some time this year since my youngest are calming down a bit so I can trust her around breakables. My stitching has suffered, the only piece I worked on every week is The Sanctuary. Sorry Sally that I haven't posted any pictures, I did work on it though, promise. I half expected to find a irrate british lady on my front porch demanding to know what's up at one time.

My EGA group stitch ornaments for the Dodge house each year. They do a selection of trees that are decorated by various groups. Our theme this year are snowmen and victorian ornaments. I haven't done any ornaments for the last few years so I thought I would try to stitch some of the Mill Hill Snowmen ornaments, this is one of my first ones. I have other already stitched up that I have to dig out of the Christmas box. He's called the Holiday Tree Snow Charmer

Talking about the fair, my oldest daughter had to put her crafting into high gear before it. We had started and kitted up several projects this last year but put off actually doing anything. So I don't know how much crafting we ended up doing on July? She's not really doing anything unless I'm there helping out and just checking her efforts. Maybe she has hit that age when they are done with crafting for a while? I wanted her to at least finish up what we had gotten for her to do. And she did really good, quite a few purple ribbons and the owl ipod holder above was selected to go to State Fair.

These orange ink thumb paintings were one of my favorite's. Love the frames and the back ground paper worked out well.

This vodoo needle cushion was a lot of work. She's not going to be my embroiderer, that's for sure. I love it though, I might have to do one for me and the lady that are managing the 4 H club with me

I found this idea over at the Moda Bake Shop. They did Halloween ornaments of charm packs but we did patriotic ones instead. I think they turned out cute, styrofoam balls are hard to work with though. You end up with a lot of small styrofoam crumbs that attaches itself to everything.

We were dog sitting this cutie last weekend. She's an old lady and I think she was stressed out since she was sick for 3 days straight. So I have some rugs to clean this week.

When the dog showed up the cat was not impressed. Oh, well.

Sorry for all the pictures. Have to share some more of my handiwork next time. I did get some things finished before July hit and I actually have my computer back with kids going back to school late last week.