Monday, September 25, 2006

Another week or more has gone by. It feels good to see the end of the fall soccer season, just one more game to play. The boys will still practice, but probably not as much when they can't be outside anymore.

We will have a tournament in Topeka the end of October but since the whole family is going we are just trying to have fun too. I know I will since I think the Sunflower Seed LNS is up there, have to check that up.

My dearest husband decided to power rake the yard yesterday, the power raking part was easy I guess since he hired a machine for that but the raking afterwards was a lot of work. Our yard is big too so the whole family was out there working on getting the grass raked up and removed. At least the weather was beautiful!

I have been stitching a lot lately, usually when I choose it's that that wins out over the computer. Last week I finished the Pine Mountain kit that I got from Kath, Tiny Toile Heart from Just Nan and Bright Needle freebie I had for a while, Blue Moon.

Since I was in a finishing mood I finished Just Nan's Star of Wonder into a bell pull too. The hardware is not the greatest but I can use it until I find something nicer.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm so darn busy at the moment. It's soccer season and it just stresses me out!! At least that is the only activity we do at the moment, but Emma's basketball will start soon.

Alice has started in a kids day out program on Fridays and I find myself running errands like crazy during the time she's there (9 am to 2.30 pm). It's wonderful to get all these things done finally but Friday night I'm totally exhausted. Starting to catch up on a lot of things though.

This Friday I handed in the wallhangings and ornaments that I have been finishing for the Humane Society here in town. They are going to be auctioned off in their silent auction 2 weeks from now. I'm never going to offer to finish anything for our outreach projects again. The lady that was going to help me moved in July and none of the other members stepped up when I asked for help. So this took up a lot of my time since finishing is not something that I'm good at.

Some finishes are posted above, in all I handed in 10 pieces.

We got 2 additions to the family today too, 2 guinea pigs. The kids are thrilled with Milkshake and Chocolate ( I did NOT pick the names). They seem very sweet although the kids are probably really stressing them out.

My goal for this week are to finish some things of my own! And to finally pick up some paint for the down stairs bathroom. This house desperatlye need some color.