Monday, November 23, 2009

BBD Evergreen update!

" This is my progress after 3 Wednesday so I'm pretty happy. I just have to get some of that GAST Pomegranate in there this week to spice things up. It's very green at the moment. "

"I did write my finals and it went really good. After I was done I have been busy making merry! We had the dinner group here for a fotball party this weekend and last weekend my son had his birthday slumber party here. A lot of feeding is going on when you have teenage boys in the house. They are all such nice kids though and it seems like they had a blast. It sure was worth all the prep work!"
"Thank you for all your sweet comments on my snowman! I appreciate all of them. I just started browsing the blogs this morning, can't wait to see what you guys have been up too."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Green Snowman finish!

I totally forgot to post a picture of this little fella when I finished him. He was a shop model for Judi down in Plattsmouth. I loved stitching him, what a fun design! Well, it's back to the books, I'm writing my finals the end of this week. Thank you so much for visiting and your sweet comments!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Started a new Loose Feather yesterday!

It's Evergreen and I just love it! That border stitches up really quick, I thought it would be really tedious but it's really fun. I changed the WDW Havana to WDW Moss because my skein of Havana was really brownish and I wanted a greener color.

I'm off to play a bit more with my laundry. I don't have anything in the hamper (the second time that has happened in the last 10 years) so there's a lot of folding in my future. DH is off to China tomorrow so he will have his pick of clothes for once.

Thank you for all your nice comments on my Hardanger piece!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hardanger class piece!

This is just a scan, after I finished the ornament up I mailed it to the shop right away. Totally forgot about taking a picture. Anyways, I just designed this little piece for my next Hardanger class in the beginning of December. I just wanted something very small so we might finish it in one afternoon so hopefully this will work for that. Thank you for visiting!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Third time's the charm!

I finally got some picture to come out decent, it's been so grey and gloomy here that all my pictures came out as weird color gloobs. This is my third batch and you can finally see what it was I stitched.

I finished up my SAL with Ranae over at Stitch by stitch. It's the Sunflower House from Blackbird Designs. I love how it turned out. We are trying to figure out which BBD we are stitching next, so much fun. I used all the called for threads and fabric.

Here's my new start Happy Haunting from Shepherd's Bush. Evidently I'm aiming for a Halloween 2010 finish, ahem.

I just felt the need to pick up Villages again so I can get the last block stitched up. I love this block, isn't the grave yard just great?

We did get to Vala's this year too, but we were pushing it. A friend of us were visiting from Indiana so a group of us got a firepit out there on October 31st. I thought it would be really crowded there so we went early and did all the things the girls wanted to do and then we wandered over for lunch by the firepit. The day was just beautiful and there wasn't that much people there at all (the Huskers played when we were there too so that did help).