Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two wip's only!

My in - laws have been visiting for 3 weeks so there hasn't been a lot of stitching going on. They are sweet but they sure keep me busy. Since they fly in from Sweden they really enjoy the shopping here (so much more to chose from and cheaper, A LOT cheaper). They sure have made their part to support the US economy lately! Here they are at Silver Dollar City in Branson, cute little couple aren't they?
We bought some soccer cleats in Branson for DS and thus we discovered that we have a secret box lover in the family. I still have no clue how she squeezes in there, but I haven't had to rescue her yet. One of these days I'll have to shake her out of that box.

Here's my VERY slow progress on Sunflower House from BBD. It's not such a quick stitch after all. Ranae's is so pretty, she started with the flower vase, clever girl!

And here's the Red Snowman that I'm stitching up for my LNS. I have such a bad consience about this one. Judy sent both the Green and Red Snowman to me before my in-laws arrived and this is how far I have gotten. These are my # 1 priority now. That and the accounting class that I started a couple of weeks ago. Thanks everyone for visiting and your sweet comments!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New stash and small finish!

Here's my small finish, just had to add the buttons to this one. It's a JABC freebie that you got with the purchase of the buttons.
Look at my lovely new stash, sorry for the picture, my MIL is here visiting and she has quite a few opinions on the size of my stash. Words like huge and where to put it all comes up again and again. So I snuck my envelope up to my bathroom and snapped the picture there. Isn't it lovely? There's booth the 2008 and 2009 ltd edition kits from Prairie Schooler, the 3 new santas from Mill Hill and 2 little Debbie Mumm kits from Mill Hill too.
Thank you for visiting and all your lovely comments!!