Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Did get my gardening done this weekend!!

The back of the yard is now all cleaned up and looks pretty ok. I find that Hostas and Daylilies don't do very well the first few months or even the first year. This time it could have something to do with the fact that it was 95 degress when I planted them.

Worked my behind of Saturday, a little bit to much I'm afraid since I got all dehydrated in the evening and was all nauseous when I drove Oscar to his sleep over. Drank lots of water and that was taken care of. We watched Amarcord, a Fredrico Fellini movie that my husband really likes in the evening and I finished another PS Santa for the Santa SAL at STO. All the santas are from St Nicholas II from The Prairie Schooler. I'm planning to stitch all 8 of them and then probably go for another PS leaflet. She has designed so many Santas.

Anders finished his retaining wall that he started working on Saturday yesterday. I thought that we were just going to mulch another area and then Anders was going to finish up the flowerbed drop watering system that has been his big project that last few months. Well, surprise, surprise, he decided to do a retaining wall instead since we have talked about the necessity of one in that certain spot for years. The dirt is slowly getting washed away when we get storms. Quite a change of plans but it looks great now and I'm hoping this is our last retaining wall that we have to put in.

Otherwise we are slowly getting into our routine here with school being out. Try to do my daily stuff and adding some fun things too.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slowly getting WIP's finished!

This is Shepherd's Bush's A Simple Egg that I started in March, but put it away because I had other things that I had to finish.

Finished it while watching Prime with Meryl Streep yesterday. Cute movie, glad that we got it via Netflix though. There's so many movies that I enjoy watching once but would never watch again so the fact that we didn't buy it is nice. We have a so many DVD's that we never watch and just to store them are hard after a while.

It's thundering and raining here this morning. Hope it blows over soon since I planned to go out and work in the yard this morning. The end of our yard looks awful. It used to be a cornfield there but they are developing a new subdivision on that land now, we ended up with a bit larger yards since we pushed them to not take down the huge trees that are on it. Well since the those square feets weren't ours when we bought our house we have no lawn on it, just LOTS of weeds and 4 hostas.

My plan was to go out and weed that area, plant about 4-5 bags of hostas that I got from my friend Melanie last weekend and then mulch everything down good. Can't do the whole area but about 80% since the sidewalk hasn't been put in yet but after they finished the road I kind of get the idea where my yard will finish.

It will look so much nicer when this is done and it will compliment our neighbors yard better since he did this last year already. So hopefully it will stop raining soon!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another finish!

Finished up my May SAL ornament from Stitcher's Time Out yesterday! It's so nice to be done with it and I thought it turned out cute without all the buttons it called for. I stitched it on another solo from Silkweaver, got a whole bunch of them a couple months ago. This came out of Just Cross Stitch 2005 ornament issue, the designer is SamSarah Design Studio.

Hopefully I will have another finish this week already. Another Easter project that got put away, A Simple Egg from Shepherd's Bush. When I started it again I found that it's working up quick. Then I should start an bookmark for our library, our EGA is donating some for their anniversery celebration and I got the ok a bit late so I don't have that many to donate so if I can add one or two that would be great!

The kids are thrilled to be out of school but they have already had one serious fight over Chinese Checkers (some game pieces were lost and found after some finger pointing). We'll get into a new routine after a week or so. I'm taking them to the library today to sign them up for the Summer reading program, that will occupy them somewhat at least. The pools are opening up next weekend and I can always take them to the indoor pool at the gym. We have nice weather here to so soon they will be playing baseball in the backyard.

Finally went out and checked over the yard after our hard rain storm the other day. I was afraid that my irises had been battered down by the rain and I was right. My really tall purple and white bearded iris was just laying on the ground. The other ones were doing better though. So now I have a huge bouquet of Jazz me up! irises on my breakfast bar, it looks really pretty actually!

My roses had started to bloom too, not all of them but my climber, 4th of July from Jackson Perkins and another of their varieties, a grandiflora called Love. I have a bunch of pictures to upload so I should do that tonight.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time flies!

Seems like I wrote in my blog yesterday but it's almost a month ago. May has whirled by quickly with the garden season in full swing (I have to upload my pictures) and huge flower beds that need my attention.

With Anders being gone for 8 days to and intensive soccer schedule for the kids when he was gone I just been so busy.

But I did get my big things done this month. The garage got cleaned out and re organised and I had my garage sale so I got rid of a lot of big baby toys!! Feels really good.

The kids are out of school today at 11.30 am so that will be fun. I always enjoy the first month that they are off especially much. With 13 weeks of summer holidays the last 2 weeks are a bit slow but in June we can sign up for summer reading, we have a couple of camps and it's still cool enough to bring them to the Zoo. I might splurge on a membership in Omaha Children's museum too, they usually have a couple of nice exhibits per year and I start saving money with our third visit.

I did finish something, my bunny rabbit from The Workbasket, I added a picture above. Stitched him/her on a Solo from Silkweavers. This was the one thing that I wanted to finish for Easter and see how well I did, lol.

But I do have a couple of other things that I'm working on, some PS Santa's and my May ornament, they should be all finished soon.