Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Haunting Finish!

It's been busy here with my husband travelling again. October and November are usually like that for us. I did have a couple of more finishes. The big one is Happy Haunting from Shepherds Bush!! I started it a couple of years ago and has taken it out every fall and stitched a bit on it. This fall I just kept on going on and finished it early November.

I joined the Christmas Challenge that Becky is hosting and got this cute guy stitched up. I love Mill Hill's ornament kits and have quite a few of the santa's so I want to stitch more of them up. I started this one a while ago but figured out that I had stitched the polar bear with a light gray thread and had to frog the whole bear which I had started with and was almost finished. So out went all the stitching and I had to start it over from scratch. I wasn't sure that the cardboard paper would hold up but it did. He's the Nanavut Santa from the Arctic Circle Santas series from Mill Hill.

And I did some finishing work too. I think these are the Redwork Santas from Prairie Schooler. I stitched them up a couple of years ago and couldn't figure out how to finish them. A couple of months ago I got this idea and tried it out on one of the santa's and since it worked out ok I went ahead and finished the rest of them the same way. Can't wait to set up my tree with handmade ornaments this year, lots of new pretties.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments!