Thursday, August 30, 2007

Busy, busy!

My needlebook for Barbara

With the ribbons tied

My second try to make a stand up - chart from Workbasket

Just Nan Bellpull!
It feels like forever since I posted here and I guess it really is. It's been so busy here and I have felt a bit overwhelmed at times.
The kids did go back to school last week and we have gone to open houses and met teachers and picked up things that we didn't know we needed for middle school. It's always a learning progress on what you need and don't need it seems like.
My DS is playing baritone (bass cleft) for band so I rented one of those. That thing is huge, almost bigger then he is and he has to drag it in to school 2 - 3 times per week. Lucky that he's playing around with my weights all the time so he at least have some muscle. We'll see how it goes, hopefully he will like it but I wouldn't cry if they switched him over to another instrument.
We did a lot of swimming at the end of summer, spent all day out in the sun and then every evening it seemed like the storms rolled in. When I walk around in the yard it feels like I'm going to sink through the lawn, that's how wet it is. It has meant a lot less computer time for me since this new computer seems to be a bit more sensitive to power surges and power failures. So now I just turn it off when I can hear thunder so DH don't have to work on it again after every storm.
I did get my St Basil's finished. It's washed and drying now so I don't have a picture. I did pick up a frame for it at Hobby Lobby last weeks so it would be great if I had time to frame it this weekend.
But I have som pictures to share. I did send off my Birthday Exchange to Barbara . I did send a needlebook, I took part of one of Prairie Schoolers Garden Samplers and stitched it over one on some linen banding. Barbara said that she liked it and the other goodies so I'm thrilled. Don't know but I'm always so worried that the receiver won't like what I send so it's a relief when they do!
I also have some finish finishes to share. A Just Nan bellpull and the Quacker rabbit from the Workbasket. My standup's are not perfect but this one was better then my first one.
Thank you all for your nice comments on the needlerolls, I treasure all of them!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Needleroll exchange!

Andrea's needleroll for me!
My needleroll for Judith!

I joined in the needleroll exchange for the Friends Gather board and was lucky enough to get Judith's name. Since Judith is an avid quilter it wasn't hard to pick out a theme, that's usually that part that I have a problem with. I did stitch one of Marilyn Leavitt- Imblum's amish quilters for Judith and added some fabric. It arrived safely in Holland so I'm happy.
Then I got my needleroll from Andrea in today's mail. It really is gorgeous! I wish that you all could see how it sparkles! Andrea had added some yummy finishing fabric and some CC's threads.
Thank you Andrea, I will really treasure the needleroll!
We were in Kansas City last week because DH and DS went to a concert down there. We did go to a lot of nice restaurants down there including Fiorella's Jack Stack, that was yummy. The kids wanted to go to Ocean's of Fun which turned out to be a real nice day and I was even able to go to CC's and do some shopping.
I didn't pick up a lot but I found some goodies from BOAF and Valerie Pfeiffer's Three little maids.
Then when we came back we did do the Sarpy County Fair since my kid's had their projects entered there. Both of them got 2 purple ribbons and Oscar's rocket is going to State Fair.
So they were really excited.
I'm posting off another exchange today so I'm hoping I can share that with you soon!
Thank you all for visiting my blog and all the nice comments on my finishes. I really appreciate all of them. The kids only have 2 more weeks of summer vacation left, I will have more time for blogging and blog reading then, I'm really looking forward to that!