Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer is here!

Primrose Path/Just Nan

Live Simply/Shepherd's Bush

Be Thankful/Shepherd's Bush

Scatter Eggs/Shepherd's Bush

Spring has come/Prairie Schooler
Finally after that cold spring. For us it means a lot of storms too though, the whole family has spent a lot of time in the basement the last few weeks. I'm grateful that the tornado siren somehow is aimed straight at our bedroom window so it's easy to hear despite hard storms.
My heart goes out to the families of the scouts that got killed last Wednesday in Little Sioux. The same storm system passed by us and that was an awful storm.
A lot of things has been going on here with the kids and I have been working on the house quite a bit. Nothing that is really fun to write about though. I felt that I had to get things in order for my trip home this summer.
The kids and I are leaving later today, my DH is pouting around, I think he feels a bit deserted! We are not coming back until July so hopefully he will make do. When he was younge he always looked forward to some bachelor time but it seems like he's missing us more and more and not even unlimited golf time can make up for it.
Here's some of my smaller finishes. I did finish up some big projects too but it's not easy to take a half way decen picture when it's raining a lot.
Have a great summer everyone!