Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just wanted to post my HIH sal finish. It's an oldie, Checkerbird, that I have been wanting to stitch forever. This might have been one of the first half kitted kits that I got, I got the fabric and the tuck a way pillow with it but no threads. It's really cute and will be perfect as fall decoration, it's going on display immediatly since I'm starting to get in the mood for fall.

Allergies are still bad here, we got another 2.5 inches early this week so the ragweed is flourishing. Both me and my son is going around half groggy and with ears, throaths and eyes hurting. It hasn't been this bad for years.

But we are still enjoying our soccer season, it's not going that well for the team but all their practices have been rained out and you can see that they don't really know how to play with each other yet. They are always doing so much better at the end of the games since they are more in sync with each other after 30 minutes play.

We are playing a tournament this weekend and I think that will be really good for the boys!

Otherwise I have been mostly just going to the gym for my bodypump class and been trying to fix up the house a bit. I have been watching some movies that I enjoy when Anders are in China, well one was a documentary about Henry the VIII and the other was a Midsummer Murder mystery, just love those. But they are not really Anders cup of tea so I try to get them when he's off travelling.

After I finished Checkerbird yesterday I put a couple of stitches into Sleeping Beauty, I think I will try to work on her today too. I have to put together my next few projects, another couple of sal's for the Stitcherstimeout board. It's the next ornament for the Ornament sal, this month we are doing the Santa from the Artists Collection. Then our designer sal is Just Nan so I'm planning to stitch one of her smaller charts, can't really decide which one yet, have to go through the stash.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finally scanned all my finishes!

Took me a while to sit down and scan, with the kids starting school and soccer a lot has been going on here. Somedays I have just gotten 30 minutes for myself and those I spend stitching.

Wow, those pictures really got uploaded strange. I take all the blame for them being crooked but all the different sizes and how they were placed is bloggers fault. Anyways took me 1 hour to get them in there so I will just let it be I guess.

I started a HIH piece Checkerbird for the HIH SAL at Stitcherstimeout board and it's going quick. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow, the SAL is over in September.

It's been raining quite a bit here lately, which is weird since August usually is hot and dry here. This year it's wet and cold. Think we got 6 inches more rain then usual. It's really great for me trees, I can almost see them growing, and since we are in a new house that's great. Can't wait until some of those trees are fullgrown but that will take quite a while. Not so good for my allergies, after every rain fall all the ragweed pollen releases as soon as the sun peeks out and there is a lot this year. So I'm feeling it in my eyes and nose, kind of gets tired too.

I started going to a new class at the gym too. It's called Bodypump and it's really fun. You don't have to be very co ordinated when you do it, very simple moves. Which is great for me since I do have 2 left feet.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Just an update of the Golfing piece that I'm stitching. I'm hoping to finish it soon, that landscape is not the most fun stitching I have done. But I'm about half done so that's fine.

The kids and I went up to their new school today and checked it out. It's still in the finishing stages but at least it's ready to start having classes in. It will be a beautiful school, fresh and so much needed space for the kids. Both of them got good teachers too so I'm pretty happy.

I went back to the Body Pump class this morning and felt much better afterwards this time around. Last time I started aching after 2 hours and then couldn't hardly move for 2 days. The lady in charge of the class took it a bit easier then the regular one (who's on vacation). Suits me fine, if I can do the 2 more classes that's left until the regular lady is back I might be able to do this. Kind of easy into a better shape. At least I had lifted weights for a year before this, don't even want to think how I would have felt otherwise.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Haven't posted here forever. We have been home in Sweden all summer and just now came back a couple of weeks ago.

Problems was that both our computers had caught a virus and when we did shut them down we couldn't get them up again. DH thought it was just mine first after he was upgrading it just before he left. Now, he didn't have time to fix this since his plane was leaving the same afternoon so I knew that I had to use his computer until mine was working again.

Well, don't you think his had caught the same bug when we tried to start it up again. Must have been some kind of virus.

Both of us lost all our links, emails etc etc. At least we had some good backup on our pictures. DH tried to recover data for a week almost until he gave up. But my new hard drive arrived last weekend and I have been online again for that time. It's very time consuming to find all the old favorite sites again and email addresses.

But our vacation was just lovely! We spent a lot of time at my dad's beach house, the kids were swimming and just enjoying building sandcastles and snorkeling all day long. Lots of good food and meeting up with friends and family. I took the kids to see some touristy things like an old fortress, going on a through downtown Gothenburg on the canals and of course Liseberg, the huge amusement park back home.

When we got back home we had to finish our projects and paperwork for the Sarpy County Fair. The kids are active in 4H and that's were their projects are displayed every year. They did good a couple of purple and blue ribbons came home with us. The whole family really enjoyed the Rodeo on Friday night too.

Otherwise I have spend a lot of time cleaning up my yard. The flowerbed sprinkler system that DH put in this spring really worked great so I had to go out and prune back and cutting away flower stalks for hours. It's really beautiful out there and my daylilies and roses are just gorgeous. That really motivates me to sit down and plan what I have to add next spring, since the yard is starting to get more filled in I can start splurging on some pricier plants even next year.

The scanner is not installed yet after our computer adventure but I'm hoping to add pictures of my latest cross stitch finishes this weekend after it's up and running again.

I did start something new though, Charmed Golfing from Hinzeit

for my DH's birthday in September. Yesterday I even found a frame that I'm hoping will work for it.