Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here's the matching scissor fob for Melanie's Altoid tin topper. I'm hoping to find a small scissor so she can store the scissor and some needles in the tin.

This day went by quick, I had to take my car into the garage because the brake lights didn't work (had it serviced too). That meant that I had to drop Anders off at work, so I went straight to my Body Pump class afterwards. Managed to pick up some gifts for the kids at Shopkos toy sale too. I really have to start on Christmas gifts, it's hard this year though because I don't feel in the mood yet. But when I get in the mood the stores are crowded and all the toys I want are sold out!!

The car was ready for me at 5.30 pm so that worked out nicely. It was the brake switch that had broken down. Didn't even know that it existed before today so I learned something new I guess.

I'm working on HIH Great White Pumpkin at the moment. Super cute design but the border is a killjoy. Little squares all around, it takes forever to stitch on it. Especially in that poor hotel room ligth in Topeka, at least with my Ott-ligth I can see the fabric.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We are back from Topeka! It was very wet and cold, so I think everyone was pretty miserable. I had clothes everywhere in the hotel room, just so they would dry for the next day. Next time we travel we have to book a suite, one hotel room for us and 3 kids just don't work out anymore. Nice to discover that on a short trip I guess since I can plan it that way in the future.

My son's first game was at 8.50 am Saturday morning so they had to be at the field at 8.20. At 7 am he figured out that he forgot his cleats at home. So that day started really bad. Thank goodness for Walmart, never thought I would say that but there it was and they had a good selection of cleats despite it's the end of the season. We arrived about 10 minutes late which was awesome considering that we had 40 minutes to find the shoes in a city that we don't really know.

We ate ok though, found a real nice authentic Mexican restaurant Friday evening where we ate with some other players families and then we went to Old Chicago Saturday with the girls since the team had a movie and pizza party.

Due to the rain and that it took us so long time to dry everything in between games I just took the girls with me to Sunflower Seed for my stash shopping when Oscar played his second game. That kind of stunk but it was raining hard so I couldn't really have the girls watch the game with me and I knew that when the game was over we just had to get back to the hotel so the guys could jump into the shower to thaw. The Sunflower Seed closes at 3 pm so we really were running out of time too.

But the girls were just brilliant in the store, just went around and oohed and aahed over the models (there was a lot of them) especially the 3 year old. She fell in love with a LK model that wasn't framed yet and was lying out on table so she could really check it out. They had some kids books and little chairs where they could hang out too so I was able to look around and take my time.

I was a bit disappointed that she didn't have a lot of the new charts on my wish list but I did pick up some older goodies from the Workbasket and BOAF. The newest chart that I found was Autumn Leaves from PS, she didn't have the other new releases though. I'm very happy with what I found though and Anita seems like a real nice lady.

Didn't stitch much, it's so dark in hotel rooms. But last week I finished the October ornament for our STO SAL so now I should start kitting up November.

I had lots of mail waiting for me when I got home, some lovely fabrics that I bought from Carol, a whole bunch of perle cotton from a friend that cleaned out her stash and knows that I do a lot of hardanger in periods and a prize package from Sandy for the favorite designs contest at STO. Feeling pretty spoilt now!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finished something small! It's the May tin topper from Samplers and such. I'm going to mount it on a altoid tin and stitch a matching scissor fob to give to Melanie for Christmas. This year I'm getting a head start on my Christmas gifts with Elf Night over at STO, this far it has been fun.

I'm starting to plan what we need to bring to the soccer tournament this weekend, not to much since it's 2 nights only but with 3 kids it's nice to have everything organized before we hit the road.

It's going to be fun to stop in at the LNS down there, I don't really have a list of things that I need except some threads for ornaments. But I'm sure I will be able to find some nice things!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Finally finished something!

I have been so tired and grouchy lately, I think that the fact that is getting colder and darker is really getting to me this year. Most evenings I fall asleep in front of TV instead of getting some stitching in. I haven't been online much either.

So it felt really nice to finish this sampler. It's Autumn Song from Just Nan on a 28 ct R & R reproductions fabric. Don't know more then that, I picked up a R & R scrap bag at the last Gretna retreat. Huge pieces in it, great buy over all.

A little sad note. My closest LNS (1 1/2 hours drive from Omaha) is closing. I will really miss Cathy and Hands on Needleshoppe. It was always fun to go up to Sioux City and browse that wonderful shop.