Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Haven't posted forever but I have been in a strange mood lately. My stitching is going really slow at the moment and it feels like I finish very few things. I did finish up my ornament for the STO SAL at least, now I just have to see when I will have the time to stop at Hancocks Fabrics to buy a frilly ribbon for it. It's supposed to be a needleroll and that's the way I will finish it.

I did get accepted into the Bloggers Birthday/Christmas exchange (link is on the top right) and I'm really excited about that. It's going to be so much fun to receive my names so I can start going through my patterns.

Otherwise Alice is slowly getting over her Mouth, Hand, Foot disease and her sinus infection. I even took her out shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday since I'm so behind. It wasn't ideal since she's a wild one but I found my in-laws gifts so I'm really happy about that. My plan is to mail a package to Sweden next week and then I can concentrate on finishing up my shopping for people here. I dread starting on Teacher gifts though, it's so hard to find something for them.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here's my little scarecrow that I have been working on. I haven't gotten a lot of stitching in last week since DH has been in Washington DC. Being home alone with 3 kids and hurting my head made me very tired so I have spent my evenings sleeping in front of the TV. My Midsomer Murder mysteries from NetFlix took for forever to arrive too (came yesterday) so I didn't really have anything good to watch either. That was what I was planning to watch this week since DH don't really enjoy them.

We did watch The Great Raid together yesterday though and that was a real good movie. It was so nice to sit down and have good fish dinner with some white wine after running the kids to basketball and soccer during the day. DH did the soccer run in the morning and I took them to basketball in the afternoon. Since they are playing at the YMCA and we are members I did let the kids swim for an hour after the games which they really enjoyed. It was kind of nice to sit there and read and watch them play.

It's beautiful here today, the sun is out and I think we will have temperatures in the 60's. I'm planning to do some picking up, laundry of course since DH was gone all last week and then I'm going out to cut back some irises. I'm sending some of my dwarf variety and a couple of Immortality's to a friend.

Then my DH is going to do his baby back ribs in the afternoon, it takes him 4 hours or so to cook them on the grill. They usually turn out yummy!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finished something Halloweeny this year too! October always seems to swish by so fast so I don't have time to stitch up all those yummy Halloween charts in the stash.

I did something really stupid the other day when I took out the recycling. It seems like I pushed on the bins a bit to hard and all of a sudden the top one just flies of with me still holding it. So I landed on my face on the concrete driveway! I'm sore, bruised and I think I got a mild concussion. Got all the symptoms with it, nausea, a killer headache and just a bit more absent minded then usual even. Nothing that I can take for it really except taking it easy.