Monday, October 22, 2007

Time for a tiny update!

Eek from Shepherd's Bush

Thank you all for your lovely comments on St Basil's. I appreciate them so much! I don't get to share my stitching with many people around here so it's so much fun to get feedback from fellow stitchers.

My camera is somewhere in the house, don't really know where though so I just scanned this little bag from Shepherd's Bush. My husband is putting the finishing touches on our home theatre (yeah) and is taking a lot of pictures to share on his groups at the moment. So I do find the camera in surprising places at the moment. The tool bag, under some Cd's and tonight not at all. Sorry for the awful scan but at least there's some proof that I have been stitching.

I have also desperately been stitching on my Gameboard Sampler from Drawn Thread. I really want to finish it up soon so I can give some more attention to the Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL that I just joined. It is going to be so much fun but I usually work better when I have one huge project on the go. Just 14 more squares to do on the Gameboard so I should be done in a weeks time (I hope).

Squazi nominated me for the You make me smile award! Thank you so much, that really cheered me up. I really have to say that I can't pick only 10 people that make me smile, I really feel that every stitching blogger have made me smile in some way over the years. So I guess that I'm passing this on to all of you!

Sorry that I have been so quite lately. I have been in a really weird mood lately and sometimes when you don't have anything nice to say it's better to sit in corner and wait it out!

My SIL is going to undergo some major surgery tomorrow. She has a tumor in her forehead and they have to go in and remove it. It's pretty awful, she's just 40 years old and have 2 small kids.

The good thing is that she went in for a full check up due to family health history and that's when they found the tumor. Usually when the symptoms for this shows up it's to late so she (and us who love her) are really blessed that they found it early.

Friday, October 05, 2007

St Basil's is finished and framed!

St Basil's Cathedral from Dimples Designs

And it has already left my house! I gave it to Melanie a couple of weeks ago. She had been travelling for her 5oth birthday so she got it a bit late. I think she really loved it, she had been commenting on this design a couple of times but has always said that she thought it was to hard for her to stitch herself.

It was really a fun design to stitch and the colors are so beautiful. I think Terrence did a great job picking them out.

Otherwise I'm trying to recuperate after my MIL and FIL's visit. They were here for 15 days and especially my MIL kept me busy. She loves the shopping here so we so spend a lot of times in stores. I don't know what it is but I just don't get any time for myself or the house when they are here. So yesterday when they left I sat down and stitched for 2 hours and it felt so good. My messy house I can deal with this weekend.

Thank you for all your nice comments, I do appreciate all of them. I'm hoping to catch up on my groups and blog reading now when I have the house back to myself!