Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here's the matching scissor fob for Melanie's Altoid tin topper. I'm hoping to find a small scissor so she can store the scissor and some needles in the tin.

This day went by quick, I had to take my car into the garage because the brake lights didn't work (had it serviced too). That meant that I had to drop Anders off at work, so I went straight to my Body Pump class afterwards. Managed to pick up some gifts for the kids at Shopkos toy sale too. I really have to start on Christmas gifts, it's hard this year though because I don't feel in the mood yet. But when I get in the mood the stores are crowded and all the toys I want are sold out!!

The car was ready for me at 5.30 pm so that worked out nicely. It was the brake switch that had broken down. Didn't even know that it existed before today so I learned something new I guess.

I'm working on HIH Great White Pumpkin at the moment. Super cute design but the border is a killjoy. Little squares all around, it takes forever to stitch on it. Especially in that poor hotel room ligth in Topeka, at least with my Ott-ligth I can see the fabric.

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