Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a bummer!

I had actually finished a couple of Halloween ornaments that I was scanning but I have lost the connection with my scanner. It's probably something really silly, I just have to figure out what's going on. Lucky that I married a computer engineer but he's busy aeriating the lawn at the moment.

This last week I really have fallen behind on reading blogs, I just tried to start catching up now. We have had some issues with my middle schooler. It's just amazing what stupid things kids can do. He's not in big trouble but we have to work on some bad habits he has.

My in laws are coming this week to so hopefully I will get those pictures posted before they arrive. I don't get any time for myself when they are here. It's fun but super busy. My MIL is like that pink bunny in the commercials, she goes and goes.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my finishes. I really do appreciate them!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your Halloween Ornaments.

The difference is that the pink bunny has an 'off' switch lol.

Marika said...

Pink bunny (lol)... I know the feeling ! My MIL also can´t rest at our house so I have difficulties to find my dishes after her visit !!!
I hope you can solve the problems with your child. My older is so smart (almost too smart) but we might have difficulties also with our youngest.

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing your ornaments:)

Kath said...

Was thinking of you only yesterday and thought you must be busy.

Kids huh!! They have to try things just to see how far they get!! Good luck.

Hope yo update my blog tomorrow with a few bits and pieces.... have had other stuff there for ages to post, just run out of time each day. Bummer.

Ranae said...

Halloween? I cant wait to see them.

Julie said...

Enjoy your MILs visit! Glad you got the scanner issued fixed.