Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New stash and small finish!

Here's my small finish, just had to add the buttons to this one. It's a JABC freebie that you got with the purchase of the buttons.
Look at my lovely new stash, sorry for the picture, my MIL is here visiting and she has quite a few opinions on the size of my stash. Words like huge and where to put it all comes up again and again. So I snuck my envelope up to my bathroom and snapped the picture there. Isn't it lovely? There's booth the 2008 and 2009 ltd edition kits from Prairie Schooler, the 3 new santas from Mill Hill and 2 little Debbie Mumm kits from Mill Hill too.
Thank you for visiting and all your lovely comments!!


Suzanne said...

That's a cute finish and I love the fabric colour.

These are great stash you purchased, it's a shame you had to sneak it away. I have the same problem with my MIL.

Deb said...

Such a sweet finish! I love the fabric color. And great stash you purchased. Your MIL sounds like my DH - have to keep it out of their sights! LOL

Julie said...

Great Stash! You have support from your fellow stitchers, one can never have too huge of a stash! :-)
Is that a towel over on the right or fabric??? Guessing now its a towel. Cute bee true!
Hope the kids are adjusting well to the return of school.

Kath said...

We all know there is never enough stash Kajsa! Love your new things and happy stitching with it all.

Your JABC is jolly cute!

Sharon said...

Cute finish and you have got some awesome stash there!

Dani - tkdchick said...

There is just no such thing as too much stash!!!!

Cute little finish!

Anonymous said...

Great stash! I guess your MIL isn't a stitcher LOL How funny that you were sneaking around in the bathroom!!

Brigitte said...

What a great little finish. And I love your new stash. I was drooling over the two PS kits, they are a dream.