Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hardanger bookmarks, SAL and dance!

A while back I promised to do a couple of Hardanger bookmarks for the boutique at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival here in Omaha. Items are sold there to cover the cost of the festival. So after procastigating for quite a while I got these sewn up. I think I have done them in off white with the watercolors thread before but I could only find my green fabric. Hope they sell!

Progress on Sanctuary is slow, I have a hard time getting into how the pattern and instructions are done. I took me about 20 minutes the other day to find where the 4 sided stitch description was the othere day.I love the color of this new row of threes though.

Miss Alice has her dance show today and tomorrow so that's what I'm doing this weekend. Last night was dress rehearsal and she was pretty excited!

I think the tap number was pretty hard, the girls were doing good but you could all see that they had their eyes on Miss Nicole at all times just to make sure that they were getting it right.

My dad is here and making his best to raise the consumer condfidence numbers here in the US. Lots of good sales out there for gents just before Fathers Day and I think that he has a new spanking wardrobe. If anyone wonders what styles, colors and prices that Dillard's and Younkers men's departments carries this season I can give you a detailed description.

Thank you for the comments on the last post! I do appreciate them all!


Margaret said...

What beautiful stitching! Love the bookmarks, and the DT piece too! Your daughter is so cute! Hope her dance recital goes well this weekend. I remember those days well!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your DT piece is beautiful! Keep slugging through the pattern, it'll be worth it in the end!

Your daughter is absolutely precious!

Lynn said...

I love the bookmarks in that colour! Very pretty.
Sanctuary is a gorgeous piece. All that aggravation will be worth it when it's finished.

Deborah~TheBookishDame said...

Dear Kajsaa,
It's been forever since I stopped by to see you. I've been working on my new blog:
reviewing books. I love reading and reviewing. Come see me!
And, I'm here to say that I love your recent finishes! Wow, you've been really stitching!! What beautiful finishes! I'm amazed at your DT pieces.
Your little girl is darling. Such as sweet face and joy in her dancing.

Sally said...

Your bookmarks are gorgeous:)

Sanctuary is looking lovely. I'm with you on finding the stitches etc. The first week it took me ages to find the colour for one of them!

I hope your DD's show goes well. She is so cute!

Carol said...

Aww...your daughter is just darling, Kajsa!! What a beautiful smile :)

Great job on those bookmarks--I'm too chicken to try Hardanger! And hang in there with the specialty stitches--Sanctuary looks like such a beautiful piece...

Suzanne said...

The bookmarks are pretty and your stitching is looking great. Your daughter is so cute!

Siobhan said...

Your little girl is just adorable!! She is so cute.

Best of luck with the bookmarks selling--I'm sure they will! You did a great job on them. Love your work on Sanctuary, too.

Brigitte said...

I'm sure your bookmarks will sell, they are really beautiful. And so is Sanctuary. I once started it a couple of years ago but only have stitched the pond in the middle so far.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your hardanger bookmarks look wonderful! I started my love of stitching with taking a hardanger class but haven't made a bookmark in ages. Hope they both sold.