Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finished Prairie Schooler 2012 Freebie

Hopefully the picture will post, seems like I can only post a picture at a time at the moment. This is Prairie Schooler's latest freebie, stitched with called for DMC on a mystery fabric from a grab bag. I'm thinking that it's 32 ct. I have 2 really time consuming classes at the moment, I have to sit in front of the computer a lot with them and as always, that makes my back pain flare up. I'm working on my back exercises to get everything under control but my computer time is limited doing fun stuff, like reading blogs etc. Hopefully I can make the rounds soon. I have a lot of other stitching finishes to share and loads of framed Blackbird pieces. My LNS is having a Blackbird exhibit November, I had Julie frame 3 pieces for me but I also are framing 5 of them on my own. Found this framing company that will custom cut frames and ship them to you. I'm actually finishing the last one up and just have to put paper on the back and hanging hardware on all of them. All put pictures up soon, most of them turned out great and one was just ok but I just think I picked the wrong frame. Thank you for visiting and leaving comments! I have been gone for such a long time I figured none would visit.


Lynn said...

What an adorable little ghost! I can hardly wait to see all of your framed BBD.
I hope that your back pain eases up soon and you feel much more comfortable again.

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish.

Sally said...

Love your PS Halloween finish. It's so cute.

Mylene said...

Welcome back, Kajsa.

That's a pretty cute PS design. Just been to their site but it's another freebie shown. Pity, as i like this one better.

Hope your back feels better soon. I too been on and off blogger, just too busy with work but do try to catch up whenever i can.

Ranae said...

Great minds think alike
I just finished stitching this too
But can't post a pic yet because it might be for an exchange. I have to see how the finishing turns out first, lol

Carol said...

I love this one, Kajsa--need to stitch him myself :) I wish you well with your classes and your back exercises... They really do help; my husband suffered from back pain for years until he began to exercise regularly. Today, he is pain free!

Brigitte said...

Hopefully your back will get better, maybe the exercising will help.
Very lovely little finish!