Tuesday, March 06, 2007

St Basil's Cathedral update!

This one is going much faster then I anticipated. Quite a bit of backstitching to do eventually though but that usually goes quick.

I did go to much EGA meeting yesterday which was fun. Last time I was there was in October and then we started having both soccer and swimming on Mondays there for a while but that's over with now. The ladies agreed to come in and help my daughters 4 H troop out when we receive our DMC kits (that will take a while). Everyone is pretty excited!

Then I somehow came home with Mirabilia's Angel Proclamation. We are stitching it for the church that we are holding our meetings, hopefully they will like it. Seems like I'm almost the first one to stitch on it (the little bee on the left hand side is there already), I'm doing the angel on the left hand side. Hopefully she's going to be a quick stitch too, I have so much that I have to stitch on this month. I told them to not expect it back until May though.

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Lizzy said...

Oh, how beautiful, Kajsa! I love this piece and I've been tempted so many times to buy it... I can't wait to follow your progress... :-)

I'm sure your church will love Angel Proclamation! What a lovely gift it will be and how thoughtful!