Monday, March 19, 2007

Stitching Camp!

Homespun Elegance Delivering Plenty

Mirabilia's Angel Proclamation

I went off to a stitching camp this Saturday, so much fun! It's organized by different chapters of EGA in our region so it's people coming from all over but it's really close to me. Which is good, since it's hard for me to be gone more then a day. This year I took 2 finishing classes, Cathy Haberman from Hands on Finishing taught them. The first one was a needlebook and scissorfob class, the second a box top and a strawberry class. I had used all the finishing techniques before but I did pick up some quite good advice and some new ideas to use.

There was a lovely lady from the day group that I hadn't met before that I chatted quite a bit with since she took the same classes as me. We had so much fun!

In the evening they had merchandise night and I picked up way to much stuff. Cathy had brought all her clearance stuff with her that was left after she closed the shop and there were some great deals to be found there. So much lovely fabric, sigh.

This was just what a needed after a pretty busy week. I got almost all of the living room painted and I just love the new color, it looks so good. Then my 3 year old got sick and she was up quite a bit during Tuesday and Wednesday night. I don't deal well with sleep deprivation, I was walking around in a haze here, had a hard time even thinking straight.

Friday I did get out and down to Richard's Gallery to get my Australian painting framed. I waited with picking out the frame until I had the new paint on just to be sure that it would all work. It will be great to be able to finally hang it on the wall. I have started on the new curtains too, but that will take some time to sit down and finish them.
I did get a couple of more stitches in on the Angel Proclamation and I started HE's Delivering Plenty. The latter is a pretty quick stitch so I'm hoping to finish it this week.


Marika said...

That stitching camp sounded really nice ! How lucky you are when able to participate it !! I can´t wait to see Angel Proclamotion finished.

Carol said...

Ooo, I could use some stitching camp right about now! Your WIPS are lovely! I still have to post those PS freebies to you - am making a sincere effort to get them out in tomorrow's post for you :-)

Kath said...

Wow, sttiching camp did sound fun Kajsa.

Ange Proclamation is coming on a treat too.

Kath said...

my typing is not getting any better that's for sure!!