Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Autumn Silhoutte from Blackbird Designs!

Autumn Silhoutte Loose Feathers # 10 from Black Bird Designs

I finished another oldie last week, a Loose Feather design from Black Bird Designs. Last fall I messed up quite a bit when I stitched it so I just had to put it away for a while (it was that or the thrash can). When I pulled it out again it went much quicker then I thought to fix the mistake and here it is all finished.
Since then I've been working on my Gameboard Sampler, I should post an update on it. I'm approaching the halfway mark on it so that feels pretty good.
Easter was good here. We had a lot of people over Sunday so I was really busy all day. Actually all weekend. But next weekend DH and DD is off on a soccer tournament road trip so I'm just going to catch up then. I'm hoping to get some major stitching time in in the evenings. Can't wait, I'm kind of tired after the weekend, but I think I'm coming down with cold so that is probably the real reason I'm not that chipper. Sometimes you just want to curl up on the sofa and just rest.


Barbara said...

That's a lovely finish. I am starting to like BB designs. Hope you get better soon and have plenty of rest.

Barbara said...

Oh, that's a lovely finish!! Great save from the can! ;)

Carol said...

Congratulations Kajsa! That is a beauty!!

Kath said...

Darned cute Kajsa. Bet you are glad that you didn't bin it!!

How are you feeling - better I hope.

Sharon said...

Beautful finish! congrats.

Lizzy said...

Congrats on such a Beautiful BB finish, Kajsa! I for one and so glad you didn't throw it away! :-)