Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm not sure about this one!

I've been stitching on BOAF Valentine Holiday the last few days and I'm not sure that I picked the right fabric for it. At first I didn't want to stitch it on the red linen but I think I have to change my mind and just try to find a small piece of red somewhere and try that instead. The skin color does just not work out and I been tossing the floss on I don't know how many different fabrics now without finding the right fabric for this design.
So I think I will put away this project until I can find some red fabric and then try again.
Yesterday I pulled out Mirabilia's Angel procession again and I will work on it for another day and then I don't think I can resist starting Spring Samplers from PS. It's pulling me in!


BeckySC said...

I think I have a piece of red evenweave if you would like to try it :)

Carol said...

I actually like it Kajsa - once all the other colors are there it will pop!!

Adana said...

Sad to do all that work and then abandon it, but I know when your heart isn't in something it's hard to keep going. I have to find some fabric for this one eventually. It's really a cute one.

Barbara said...

BOAF can be tricky with their colors sometimes. I think Carol has a point, that the colors will work once there are more of them in place, but I can understand how hard it is to remain motivated on a piece when you feel it isn't working. Good luck!