Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hopefully we have fixed the computer!

Future guest room
Wetbar plus bathroom

Drywalling and mudding in process (my least favorite)

Before the walls went up

What we started with!

Or rather, hopefully Anders has fixed it! I can't say that I contributed to much!

I don't have much to show in the way of stitching. I tried to take a decent picture of my Pine Mountain pillow but I think I have to wait until it's not overcast outside. The other 2 pieces I have worked on are for exchanges, I haven't decided if I should post them or not here. There's not that much chance that my exchange partners are reading my blog but you never know.

Our company left early this week, we all had a great time together and everyone did get along great the whole time, even the kids. We did some touristy things here in Omaha and they did shop quite a bit. Everything is so much cheaper here compared to Sweden.

The basement is starting to look like it's actually going to be finished, maybe even this month! It's been taking so much longer time then we all thought but hopefully it's just 3 more weeks left and then I will get my house back. It will be awesome to not have people in the house at all hours and work around their schedule so they can get in.

So since I don't have any stitching to share I will post some basement pictures!
Oops, that went in in the wrong order! We are doing a guest room, bathroom, home theatre for DH and the rest is a rec room with a wet bar. And we have some storage to of course.


monique said...

wow, Kasja... your basement is looking wonderful!

Kathy said...

Basement looking good. Glad computer is fixed. Aren't you just lost when it is down.

Julie said...

Welcome back! ...home theatre for DH... what about a craft room for you?

Carol said...

Ah, we finished off our basement two years ago - what a process!! LOL! Good luck ;-)

Sharon said...

Looks like you are going to have a wonderful space.

Anonymous said...

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