Friday, June 29, 2007

My computer died!

And it's still not fixed! It's not the first priority here with my in laws visiting, the boys in the basement are still at it full time, and we have a new entertainment center to put up and get up running. It's not easy when you are married to a computer engineer who has to put a computer in there with the dvd and cable box just because he ha can record on HD with it.

I have a feeling this will take the whole weekend.

But my SIL is in Kansas visiting relatives a couple of days, my BIL is up in Minnesota for a free lance job on swedish sister cities in the US at the same time. They are all coming back Monday which gives me some time for myself.

I have one finish that I would love to share but I don't want to down load my pictures into Anders computer so that have to wait. It's Pine Mountain Designs Sit a spell that I stitched on during swimming lessons.

And I have started the exchange piece for the Birthday Blogger club. It's turning out ok but it's going slow since I'm stitching over one.

Well, DH is standing behind me waiting for his computer. I hope to be back soon!


Itching To Stitch said...

Sorry about your computer. I couldn't live without mine ;)

Barbara said...

I hope your computer is soon fixed!

Sharon said...

Oh, I hope you get computer fixed quickly! I hate when that happens.

monique said...

Oooh golly, I'd hate to be without my computer! I hope you are up and running again *soon* :)