Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time really flies!

Fa-La-La from Shepherd's Bush

Bird House Snow Charmer from Mill Hill

WIP Winter Angel from Lavender and Lace

And not only when you are having fun! We'll I have had some fun but it's been busy mostly. January and February are always like that in this house because my sweetie is travelling so much those months. There's a 2 week long standard meeting this month so at the moment it feels like I'm a single mom. Seriously, I don't know how those ladies do it and I'm in awe of you girls! Give yourself a pat on the back.
Most single moms probably didn't sign up all her 3 kids for Tae Kwon Do (because you ladies are probably smarter than that), kind of realizing that they would all have to go to different classes (2 classes min. per week) and thought that the driving back and forth wouldn't be so bad. The kids love it but this driving thing is getting old.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last finishes. I do appreciate them so much!
I have been good and are already in the process of framing Their song from BBD. I should be done with it this weekend I hope and will snap a picture to share. Lately I have been in a finishing state of mind so next post will probably be picture heavy. Makes me feel good though, I'm usually not a finisher since I like the stitching part better.
But for this time I just have an update picture of Winter Angel, Fa- La - La and a small ornament from Mill Hill.
I started stitching on Loose Feather # 12 Sweetheart Sampler and Faith from LHN and they are both so much fun. Update pictures will come this weekend too!!
Thanks for visiting!


Linzi said...

Your stitching is beautiful! Love the snowman! Is it possible to buy some of these from you?

Linzi x

Sally said...

Love both your finishes but especially the SB!

Winter Angel is so pretty. It's so long since I worked on an L&L. Maybe I need to start one this year!

Suzanne said...

Your stitching looks great. Your Winter Angel looks beautiful, mine has moved from my WIP pile to the UFO pile, it's very sad.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Though it is a lot of driving, your kids will certainly benefit from Taekwon-Do (I should know I've been involved for 12 years and teaching kids for part of that). What type of TKD are they doing? ITF, WTF or GTF?

Your projects all look fantastic!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes! Your angel is looking great too.

Marika said...

I´m sorry that I haven´t informed you that those patterns have arrived. I´ve been so busy lately and not had enough computer time at home (we have a teenager in house...).
Thank you so much about those patterns !! Please send me your address because I´d love to send you a greeting card.
I know what you mean about kid´s hobbies !!

Brigitte said...

Two lovely finishes and a great progress picture of Winter Angel. And oh, I'm looking forward to seeing your new start on Sweetheart Sampler.

Craft-i-leigh said...

Hello from Massachusetts! I am new to the world of stitching and have been browsing various blogs to try and gain some knowledge and get some tips / ideas. I originally started with a stamped, then counted “kits”. I’m working on my 2nd chart and have noticed some big differences in floss types and quality.
My Cross Stitch Mentor has told me that I’m ready to graduate from Aida, but I really like Aida. Maybe it’s just beginner’s comfort???
If you would answer my question… What type of fabric or fabrics do you prefer and why? Brands and counts?
I would appreciate any advice, thanks!