Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ta da! Sweetheart Sampler finished!

Sweetheart Sampler LF # 12 Blackbird Designs
R & R 30 ct Kansas City Blend
GAST Threads

Here's finally the promised picture of my Sweetheart Sampler. I have had some things that I had to take care of that took up my time a bit more then expected. This was a pure joy to stitch up though. It's so pretty in real life.

I'm so happy that I have projects like this to work on at the end of the day. It gives me so much peace when I'm dealing with hard things.

Their song from Blackbird designs framed!

I love this frame that I found for this piece. It looks a bit crooked in the picture but when I'm measuring it it seems like I was able to center it smack on. One of those optical illusions I guess.

Fa -La -La from Shepherd's Bush finished!
I finished this cutie into an ornament. It's so small and dainty.

Bird from Birds of a Feather, JCS Ornament issue.
I can't remember which year they did this bird for the ornament issue. Maybe it was 2002?

Winter Angel from Lavender and Lace WIP picture.
This is how far I got on that Angel before I picked up the Sweetheart Sampler. I messed up when stitching with the whisper thread so alas, she and I needed a bit of a break.

Pillows for DD's bed!
I did do some sewing too. DD wanted some big colorful, flowery pillows for her bed so I pulled out my old Husqvarna sewing machine. In my opinion the one on the right turned out so much better then the one on the left. I'm no seamstress as you can see!

At the moment I'm working on doing some finishing along side my stitching. I have so many things that I love that I have stitched up and I just have to take the time to do the actual finishing. It's usually much more fun then I think it will be when I start.
Thank you so much for your lovely comments!
Dani - I think it's ITF that we do. All the kids love it so it's great. I'm hoping it will help my oldest daughter with her self confidence too.
Linzi - I never stitch anything more then once so I'm open to selling or trading.
About fabrics and counts, I have to confess, I love linen and lugana. Don't know why but they really feels right when I stitch on them. If you are a beginner and want to switch over from aida I would recommend trying out a couple of evenweaves first. Lugana is an evenweave and to me it's not as slinky and soft as some other evenweaves.
But as with everything else it's a matter of what you personally like so try a couple of different brands out and you will find your favorite!
Sorry for the long post! I will be back with more pictures of finishes soon and hopefully the finished Block # 8 of Village of Hawk Run Hollow.


Brigitte said...

Oh Kajsa, what a wonderful finish.It's the first time that I see this Loose Feather design stitched up. It has such great colours.
Their Song looks great! And the two ornaments you finished are really lovely. I can't remember having seen this little bird in a JCS issue. I'll have to look for it. IsN't it great to know that all these older magazines have wonderful designs in them, you just have to find them.

mainely stitching said...

What GREAT stitchy pictures! Love your BBD finish. :D

Ranae said...

The BBD's are goergeous and gotta love that BOAF bird, I am looking for that mag I think it is the 1998 or 1999 issue.
SB finish is super nice too.
Take Care!!

Ranae said...

I meant gorgeous.
I was meaning to ask you do you use a pillow form or stuffing for your pillows?

Suzanne said...

Wow, that's a really beautiful finish. I really love the colours. The little bird ornament is gorgeous, but it must have been difficult to stitch together.

It's great to see your angel of winter looking so good. Alas mine is disgraceful, I haven't put a stitch into her for almost a year now. I think it's stitching with light colours that turns me off. I am really fussy and my stitches never look quite right.

staci said...

Well look at all your beautiful finishes! Really lovely stitching!!!

Julie said...

Beautiful finishes!

Kathy said...

OMG, you have been busy. Love Sweetheart Sampler. Have wanted to do that one for a long time. First time I ever saw it stitched up and now I love it even more.

All other projects look great. Oh, and it is so good to hear that you are on Block 8 of VoHRH. I have not picked up mine in months. Still on Block 4.

Keep up the good work.

Melissa said...

What lovely work, Kajsa! Lots of great finishes.

Milly~ said...

Sweetheart Sampler is gorgeous. Congrats on the finish.

Sally said...

Your BBD finish is absolutely beautiful:) I've not seen that one before.

All your framing is lovely.

Wendy said...

Love your Sweetheart Sampler - I'm working on that one currently too! I'm always at least a month behind with seasonal stitching LOL!

Carin said...

What a great and lovely projects. Very lovely bird; I have something with birds. You did a wonderful job with finishing.

Carolyn said...

Such beautiful stitching!!! I love your "Sweetheart Sampler" and since I'm a SB freak, I adore your "FaLaLa". Great job!! :)

Jeanie said...

Sweetheart sampler is lovely ! Beautiful works, beautiful blog ! Love them :)

Gaga said...

Sweetheart Sampler is beautiful.
Congrats on finishing and framing.
That bird ornament is so cute.
Your other finishes are also very nice.
Good luck with the L & L Angel.
Nice pillows.

Maren said...

Woo hoo! That's a lot of finishes. Your Sweetheart Sampler is lovely! Congratulations!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finishes! I love the Blackbird sampler. The pillows for your dd room are too cute. Great colors.