Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Driweby posting!

Egghunt from Lizzie Kate

Snow form Heart in Hand
Or something like that! I just had 2 little quickie finishes to share. They were so much fun to stitch up, instant gratification is great.
It's warming up here again, the trees are ready to bud out which is wonderful. I have a Cleveland Pear by my drive way and it looks like it's going to be beautiful this year. And my allergies will calm down too.
I hope everyone out there had a blessed Easter! Thank you all for your nice comments, I appreciate all of them.


Melissa said...

It's nice to get some quick finishes! They're cute, although I question the *Snow* one! What were you thinking? Think Spring! :D

Glad that spring is coming your way. We are getting ours too. At the first sign of a couple of days of sun, all the cherry, now plums have bloomed. It was really tough allergy wise initially but I think I'm adapting.

Enjoy seeing your C Pear bloom!

Shari said...

both are beautiful Kajsa!!! I haven't seen that LK before!!! Too cute!!!

staci said...

Very sweet little finishes! It's always so fun to stitch little quickies!

Deb said...

Two sweet little finishes. I so understand the instant gratification part! It's always fun to see something finished no matter how big or small!

Suzanne said...

Very cute finishes! The weather is finally colling down here and the trees are beginning to lose their leaves. Today is a little warmer, but I think it may be the last summer hoorah.

Brigitte said...

Your finishes are so pretty. And I know what you mean about instant gratification, lol. I always seem to be attracted by thos BAPs but in between I need small projects just to see something finished.
Good to hear that spring has started in your region as well. It' such a good feeling to leave winter behind.

Dawn said...

Both are quite adorable!

Carin said...

Very cute little finishes. I love the coulours you used on Egghunt. I'm a huge fan of Lizzie Kate. So adorable little projects.

Sharon said...

Adorable finishes! Congrats! I hope the allergies get better. I have had sinus issues too. So, I know how you feel.

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