Saturday, April 25, 2009

Running around like crazy again!

My husband has been gone this week so it's been kind of crazy here this week. The poor thing had to leave for a meeting at the French Rivera and I had take the kids to soccer and Tae Kwon Do on my own. The good thing is that SPRING arrived for a couple of days!! My pear tree is blooming in front of my house and the tulips too, very pretty. Then we had 45 degrees and I had to sit through 2 soccer games in light rain today. It took a bucket of tea to warm me up. I'm so behind on emails and blogs, hopefully I will get some time tomorrow, we have a light schedule tomorrow, bliss.

Easter Chicky from Lizzie Kate
On to the stitching part of my week.This should have been an easy peasy thing to stitch up but since I can't count evidently it took me quite a while.

Autumn from Drawn Thread

A very strange choice I know, but I made myself finish this one since I had it started so it didn't take long to finish it actually. I found the most perfect frames for all this series and I only have Summer left to stitch. My reward for finishing this is a new start, Spring Fling from Blackbird Designs. I think it's number 13 in their Loose Feather series.
Thank you all for visiting my blog and your sweet comments!


Dawn said...

Easter Chicky is so cute!

I enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted, too.

Brigitte said...

Two very nice finishes. And why not stitch an autumn piece in spring? It's my favourite season and I can see autumn pieces all year round, lol.
Here the apple tres are about to bloom and the plum trees will follow soon. Spring is great!

Deb said...

Hm, husband in French Rivera and you being the chauffeur wonder you didn't get much done. But what you did get done looks wonderful.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely finishes! Congratulations! I hope you find a little bit of me time between all that running around (TKD rocks!)

Julie said...

Cute Easter piece! I've not seen this DT piece. I really like it.
Hope you survived yesterdays' bad weather.

Sally said...

Two gorgeous finishes. The Easter one is so cute and the colours in the DT are so pretty.