Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished Autumn Bouquet!

But first a picture of the girls before they headed back to school yesterday. DS declined a photo op! Aren't they cute?
I love the the details in this piece, all the little acorns and vines.

Here's the whole design finished. I did it on 40 count Iced Cappucino from R and R and I think all the called for GAST and Weeks threads. Not very much happning here except for the school start. I did make a small start on Blackbird Designs Sunflower House but it's just border for now.


Shari said...

the girls are adorable Kajsa!!!! They look so happy. I totally understand the 'son not wanting picture taken' Been there, done that!!!
Love the autumn sampler. So pretty & once again,you have enabled me!!!!

Melissa said...

Autumn Bouquet is so pretty and when I see it I miss the older BBD designs.

Yours girls look very sweet & giggly!

Kathy said...

The girls look excited about going off to school. Son must think it is a girl thing for pictures.

Autumn Bouquet is gorgeous. Nice stitching. Love the look of 40-ct, just cannot do much of it.

Jackie said...

The girls are adorable! I remember the excitement on the first day of school!

Your stitching is gorgeous! A friend is going to start teaching me to stitch Monday!

Sharon said...

Your girls are lovely! Congrats on the gorgeous finish!

Julie said...

Ah, the start of school! The girs are adorable. I hope the first day of school went well for all three of them.

Beautiful finish! Please share it again when you get it framed.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful job, congratulations on your finihs!

Your girls are adorable!

Kath said...

Oooh, your girls are very cute Kajsa. They are growing up!

Love your Autumn Bouquet finished too.

Kath said...
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Dawn said...

Your girls are so cute!!

Autumn Bouquet looks fantastic. :)

Suzanne said...

I have to agree, your girls are cute!

Beautiful stitching, what a great finish!