Sunday, June 20, 2010

Help me Rhonda!

Last week was one of those fun busy ones, the kids had a lot going on and I had to drive them everywhere. One my way to a piano lesson I spotted a great garage sale and this was what I ended up with. A lady had to move her FIL into a home and she sold some of the glassware and crystal that he had picked up at his travels in Europe.

This is my favorite bowl, my DD fell in love too!

The frames will be good for something eventually! I might repaint some of them. In all I spent $ 4.50 for everything! So I was happy!

In between golf camps, play dates, a visit to the water park and a garage sale where I sold some of my stuff (I didn't have it at my house though, just did a shift selling) I was lucky enough to find a new LNS in town. I'm so excited!! This lady is doing framing and shares the store space with a vaccum store so I have always had the impression that she didn't sell to much cross stitch supplies. I was pleased to see that she had quite a bit to sell and I will sure be back soon. One of the things I bought is almost finished since I hauled it along with me when I have been running kids around.

I have to take some pictures of my stitching, I have a couple more finishes, and I started a new wip so I'm updating again tomorrow!

Thank you for visiting and all your sweet comments!


Anonymous said...

That bowl is fantastic! What a find!

Mylene said...

Great finds!

Looking forward to see your stitching updates.

Jackie said...

What great finds! I'm never so lucky. I particularly like the bud vases.

Lynn said...

That bowl is so unique! You really walked off with a great haul and for a bargain price!
I'm looking forward to seeing your stitchy pics next post.

Margaret said...

Nice haul for only $4.50! Wow! Love that bowl! Sounds like you've been busy running around! It's that time of year, isn't it? lol!

Sharon said...

Those are some great finds! That bowl is super.

Siobhan said...

Great finds, lucky you!! Especially on finding a new LNS!

Suzanne said...

Great finds! That bowl is beautiful.