Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finally scanned all my finishes!

Took me a while to sit down and scan, with the kids starting school and soccer a lot has been going on here. Somedays I have just gotten 30 minutes for myself and those I spend stitching.

Wow, those pictures really got uploaded strange. I take all the blame for them being crooked but all the different sizes and how they were placed is bloggers fault. Anyways took me 1 hour to get them in there so I will just let it be I guess.

I started a HIH piece Checkerbird for the HIH SAL at Stitcherstimeout board and it's going quick. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow, the SAL is over in September.

It's been raining quite a bit here lately, which is weird since August usually is hot and dry here. This year it's wet and cold. Think we got 6 inches more rain then usual. It's really great for me trees, I can almost see them growing, and since we are in a new house that's great. Can't wait until some of those trees are fullgrown but that will take quite a while. Not so good for my allergies, after every rain fall all the ragweed pollen releases as soon as the sun peeks out and there is a lot this year. So I'm feeling it in my eyes and nose, kind of gets tired too.

I started going to a new class at the gym too. It's called Bodypump and it's really fun. You don't have to be very co ordinated when you do it, very simple moves. Which is great for me since I do have 2 left feet.

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