Monday, August 14, 2006

Just an update of the Golfing piece that I'm stitching. I'm hoping to finish it soon, that landscape is not the most fun stitching I have done. But I'm about half done so that's fine.

The kids and I went up to their new school today and checked it out. It's still in the finishing stages but at least it's ready to start having classes in. It will be a beautiful school, fresh and so much needed space for the kids. Both of them got good teachers too so I'm pretty happy.

I went back to the Body Pump class this morning and felt much better afterwards this time around. Last time I started aching after 2 hours and then couldn't hardly move for 2 days. The lady in charge of the class took it a bit easier then the regular one (who's on vacation). Suits me fine, if I can do the 2 more classes that's left until the regular lady is back I might be able to do this. Kind of easy into a better shape. At least I had lifted weights for a year before this, don't even want to think how I would have felt otherwise.

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