Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just wanted to post my HIH sal finish. It's an oldie, Checkerbird, that I have been wanting to stitch forever. This might have been one of the first half kitted kits that I got, I got the fabric and the tuck a way pillow with it but no threads. It's really cute and will be perfect as fall decoration, it's going on display immediatly since I'm starting to get in the mood for fall.

Allergies are still bad here, we got another 2.5 inches early this week so the ragweed is flourishing. Both me and my son is going around half groggy and with ears, throaths and eyes hurting. It hasn't been this bad for years.

But we are still enjoying our soccer season, it's not going that well for the team but all their practices have been rained out and you can see that they don't really know how to play with each other yet. They are always doing so much better at the end of the games since they are more in sync with each other after 30 minutes play.

We are playing a tournament this weekend and I think that will be really good for the boys!

Otherwise I have been mostly just going to the gym for my bodypump class and been trying to fix up the house a bit. I have been watching some movies that I enjoy when Anders are in China, well one was a documentary about Henry the VIII and the other was a Midsummer Murder mystery, just love those. But they are not really Anders cup of tea so I try to get them when he's off travelling.

After I finished Checkerbird yesterday I put a couple of stitches into Sleeping Beauty, I think I will try to work on her today too. I have to put together my next few projects, another couple of sal's for the Stitcherstimeout board. It's the next ornament for the Ornament sal, this month we are doing the Santa from the Artists Collection. Then our designer sal is Just Nan so I'm planning to stitch one of her smaller charts, can't really decide which one yet, have to go through the stash.


Kath said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love the Santas - looking good.

Those allergies.... yip, they sure make you feel yuk. Hope it won't be too long before you are better.

Jenn said...

Your finishes all look great. Keep up the good work.