Friday, January 26, 2007

I love Shepherd's Bush!

2006 Just Cross Stitch ornament
SnowDay kit from Shepherd's Bush
And I have been stitching some of their stuff lately! So much fun to work on, just what I needed.
Had a lovely lunch with DH before I took him to the airport, now what to do with the kids tonight?I'm hoping their Netflix pick comes in the mail today, that would make them happy. We do have a 4 H meeting almost straight after school, hopefully that won't take a long time though. They are listening to a presentation and doing a bird treat of some sort. Sounds cute!
I'm stitching on Sanctuary from DT at the moment, and I'm also contemplating joining a Gameboard Sampler SAL. Very tempting but I don't know how much time I can devote to it. The other day I pulled out Winter Moon from SB too and I want to stitch it up and hang it beside Harvest Moon. So little time, way to many projects.


Kath said...

Your finishes are lovely Kajsa.

I love Gameboard Sampler too, must sort out getting the supplies for it. What group is the SAL on as I think there are many going on this one.

Lizzy said...

Lovely SB finishes, Kajsa! :-)

Senorita Stitches said...

Did you stitch any of the other SB ornaments in that series? I think I like this one best.
I've been thinking about the Gameboard Sampler SAL too. I've got so many things going already though.

monique said...

That snow day is adorable! I never think I care for SB, but then I see cute things people have stitched and want them LOL