Monday, January 15, 2007

Snowy here!

Close up of Mr. SC.
Lavon stitched this for me!
Inside of needlebook
Cover of Needlebook, it's a Just Nan design.

Well, it snowed all day here but to the kids huge disappointment they didn't get a snow day. I felt sorry for them this morning, my son especially was a bit upset. Since it's really cold I'm sure that they won't be able to go out and play either during the day but maybe we'll have some time in the afternoon before swimming and soccer (indoors of course). DH is off due to MLK Day and he's waiting with the shoveling on the drive way for a couple of hours so the wind will die down and the temperatures rise a bit.

I got some more beading done yesterday on SB while watching Rome, seems like it's going to be another good season. Now I'm done with one corner and I'll start on the skirt tonight.

Here's some pictures of finished things, I'm going to put Mr. SC up in our bath room beside our big bath tub. And then there's the Just Nan needle book, I think this was a class once upon a time when we still had a couple of LNS's in town.

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Lizzy said...

Hi Kajsa... Love what you did with Mr SC... I haven't stitched him yet... ;-) He'll be quite an inspiration by your tub! lol I love the needlebook Lavon stitched for you! I must get around to stitching one of those... they are so lovely...

Hope you get more snow next time! ;-)

Love and Hugs...