Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just some updates on my WIP's!

Beading on Sleeping Beauty's(Mirabilia) skirt.

And some on the left corner.

Close up of The Sanctuary from The Drawn Thread

This is how far I have gotten so far
I think I posted about running out of beads for Sleeping Beauty! Anyways I did, but this is how far I did get before I had to place that order with Stitching Bits and Bobs. I don't think it will take me that long to finish her after I do receive my order since it's only the swirls on the skirt left to do.
It will be so much fun to get that order. I included the last new PS charts, Winter Wind and St Nicholas I think they were called and The Town Square CD with for the Stitchers Time Out SAL. But it will probably take a couple of weeks before it gets here.
So after I finished my little SB goodies (thanks for the nice comments, I do appreciate you taking time to look at the finishes) I did pull out The Sanctuary from Drawn Thread that I started last summer. It's very fun to stitch on, all those little flowers are so dainty and as always, the stitch diagrams are wonderful. I had stitched the verse and 2 tree's before I started again and this is how far I had gotten Sunday.
Then I decided to join in on that Gameboard SAL too! Don't know if I'm taking on to much but it's a year long SAL so hopefully I can keep up. Milly is sending me an invitation to the group so I'm hoping I will get that today. After an hour or so of digging through my fabrics yesterday I found one that will work out, a Silkweaver Classic Belfast, Dark Tan. My finished Gameboard will be quite a bit smaller then the one on 25 ct but I will probably just frame it and hang it in our basement when we finish the kids game room down there. It's safer that way!!


Carol said...

Just found your blog Kajsa! Oh, your Sleeping Beauty is stunning! And your Sanctuary is beautiful - it reminds me now that I really need to get mine started! I will bookmark your blog!

monique said...

oh my goodness, Kasja... that sleeping beauty is very pretty! I had an "up close" look LOL and the beading is fantastic :)

Sharon said...

Your sleeping beauty is awesome. congrats on such a fab finish!