Thursday, February 22, 2007

More pictures!!

The tuck pillow I stitched for Lavon!

The goodies I got from Amanda in the exchange!

Some birthday presents from me to me!
I'm adding som more pictures since that other post did go through (not perfectly, my spacing disappeared, don't know if I dare to mess with it).
Lavon came up with this great idea with a After Christmas exchange for some of us ladies in November and we just sent out our packages the last week of January. I got Lavon's name and I stitched the little JBW tuck a way pillow for her that I've been saving up for Lavon for quite a while now. I knew that I would get her name in an exchange eventually;>. It wasn't until I sent of the package that I remembered that I should have taken a picture of all the goodies, but I did send her some chocolate, a couple of charts and some other small fun things (I'm getting old, can't really remember what more I sent).
When I got home from Colorado I got this great package from Amanda! I love that scissor fob, actually the whole package was great! Thank you sweet heart!
I did get my little birthday gift from myself from Drema early February too, lots of lovely new stuff. My order from Stitching Bits and Bobs was shipped yesterday so it only took then 5 weeks to get that going, I only order from them when I want something that I can't find anywhere else. I usually use Drema but she didn't have the CD with the Town freebies. So when that arrives I can finish Sleeping Beauty.
On vacation I did stitch on The Gameboard Sampler, I have to scan my progress there later today. There's a lot of catching up I have to do though, my laundry room is full (really, can't walk in there) so I know where to start at least!


Carol said...

I love your tuck pillow - great job! And your stash is fantastic - happy birthday!

Sally said...

This is the first time I've been on your blog and, wow, you have some beautiful stitching going on. I love DT The Sanctuary. It's the first time I've seen it close up and I am very impressed. Your stitching is gorgeous.

Are you the Kajsa who was on Chartswappers?

Kath said...

Oh what a great birthday you had Kajsa. And roses too!! Some pretty neat stash in there too.

Nice pillow for Lavon too.

Read about your holiday.... onh my, pretty eventful and I hope that you are feeling better now too.

Sally, this is indeed the Kajsa from Chartswappers. (I was there too.)