Thursday, April 20, 2006

Here's my finished ornament! It's the Joy Tree ornament by M Designs, out of the 2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.

It was not the most fun thing to stitch but turned out pretty IMO.

Me and my youngest daughter went to the library today and I found an interesting book there, The quilter's legacy by Jennifer Chiaverini/Elm Creek Quilts series. Now, I'm not a quilter but I think it will be an interesting book to read due to the similarities of stitching.

Tomorrow it's Carnival time! When it's over in the evening I should be done with with everything that I volunteered to do for the school this year. It's a huge relief, getting volunteers and making sure that nothing is forgotten can be a bit stressful. Especially since co chair had to step down since she broke her arm, poor thing. All the kids at school seems to be excited though and hopefully we'll get enough money for the new playground equipment.

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Kath said...

Oh that is pretty Kajsa.

How did the Carnival go, know it's taken up a lot of your time so hope that you got enough money for the playgroud equipment.

Now you can stitch a bit....