Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time flies!

Seems like I wrote in my blog yesterday but it's almost a month ago. May has whirled by quickly with the garden season in full swing (I have to upload my pictures) and huge flower beds that need my attention.

With Anders being gone for 8 days to and intensive soccer schedule for the kids when he was gone I just been so busy.

But I did get my big things done this month. The garage got cleaned out and re organised and I had my garage sale so I got rid of a lot of big baby toys!! Feels really good.

The kids are out of school today at 11.30 am so that will be fun. I always enjoy the first month that they are off especially much. With 13 weeks of summer holidays the last 2 weeks are a bit slow but in June we can sign up for summer reading, we have a couple of camps and it's still cool enough to bring them to the Zoo. I might splurge on a membership in Omaha Children's museum too, they usually have a couple of nice exhibits per year and I start saving money with our third visit.

I did finish something, my bunny rabbit from The Workbasket, I added a picture above. Stitched him/her on a Solo from Silkweavers. This was the one thing that I wanted to finish for Easter and see how well I did, lol.

But I do have a couple of other things that I'm working on, some PS Santa's and my May ornament, they should be all finished soon.

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Kath said...

I love your Bunny, he is so cool! Great pattern.

Holidays... man, they come around all too soon don't you think?

Hope all is well in your world.