Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Did get my gardening done this weekend!!

The back of the yard is now all cleaned up and looks pretty ok. I find that Hostas and Daylilies don't do very well the first few months or even the first year. This time it could have something to do with the fact that it was 95 degress when I planted them.

Worked my behind of Saturday, a little bit to much I'm afraid since I got all dehydrated in the evening and was all nauseous when I drove Oscar to his sleep over. Drank lots of water and that was taken care of. We watched Amarcord, a Fredrico Fellini movie that my husband really likes in the evening and I finished another PS Santa for the Santa SAL at STO. All the santas are from St Nicholas II from The Prairie Schooler. I'm planning to stitch all 8 of them and then probably go for another PS leaflet. She has designed so many Santas.

Anders finished his retaining wall that he started working on Saturday yesterday. I thought that we were just going to mulch another area and then Anders was going to finish up the flowerbed drop watering system that has been his big project that last few months. Well, surprise, surprise, he decided to do a retaining wall instead since we have talked about the necessity of one in that certain spot for years. The dirt is slowly getting washed away when we get storms. Quite a change of plans but it looks great now and I'm hoping this is our last retaining wall that we have to put in.

Otherwise we are slowly getting into our routine here with school being out. Try to do my daily stuff and adding some fun things too.

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