Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slowly getting WIP's finished!

This is Shepherd's Bush's A Simple Egg that I started in March, but put it away because I had other things that I had to finish.

Finished it while watching Prime with Meryl Streep yesterday. Cute movie, glad that we got it via Netflix though. There's so many movies that I enjoy watching once but would never watch again so the fact that we didn't buy it is nice. We have a so many DVD's that we never watch and just to store them are hard after a while.

It's thundering and raining here this morning. Hope it blows over soon since I planned to go out and work in the yard this morning. The end of our yard looks awful. It used to be a cornfield there but they are developing a new subdivision on that land now, we ended up with a bit larger yards since we pushed them to not take down the huge trees that are on it. Well since the those square feets weren't ours when we bought our house we have no lawn on it, just LOTS of weeds and 4 hostas.

My plan was to go out and weed that area, plant about 4-5 bags of hostas that I got from my friend Melanie last weekend and then mulch everything down good. Can't do the whole area but about 80% since the sidewalk hasn't been put in yet but after they finished the road I kind of get the idea where my yard will finish.

It will look so much nicer when this is done and it will compliment our neighbors yard better since he did this last year already. So hopefully it will stop raining soon!!

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Kath said...

Love the finishes, you are a good girl to get so many done.

Between kids moving, and cats being unwell, my days off this week have been in and out and no time to get settled on anything.

Next week I am telling myself!!!

Take care and enjoy the holidays.