Thursday, December 14, 2006

The kids Christmas picture 2006

Noah's Ark JBW Designs 12 - 12 -2006

Finally stitching again!

And I have a finish! It's Noah's Ark from JBW Designs and I really like the way it turned out. Somehow I always think that these designs are going to be really small since the pattern cards are so small and delicate so I'm always so surprised by the end result.

I got a wood box that I just finished painting in a white wash, when it's painted I'm going to put this on top of the box,line it and give it to Karen for Christmas. It's the first time I tried this finishing technique so hopefully it's going to turn out nice.

Otherwise we are busy with Holiday parties, I'm sending out cards this week and are wrapping all the gifts. It seems like everything is starting to come together now! I added the kids Christmas picture that went out with card too.

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Sharon said...

Your children are beautiful. Congrats on the lovely finish-I am sure it will look fantastic on the box you are painting.