Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Workbasket ornament
A Mosey N Me ornament
I think Gail Bussi designed this ornament.

I have been trying to take pictures of my finished ornament lately, I'm not the greatest photographer though. These are the pictures that turned out decent this time. But I'm going to keep trying to snap away and post pictures of my handmade ornaments. One day when the play room are used as the dining room it was intended to be, I'll put a tree in there with just handmade ornaments. I'm starting to get quite a collection with all the Ornament SAL's that I have done over the years.

A scrap booking friend of mine gave me some acid free thick paper that I'm going to play around with when I start finishing my pile of unfinished ornaments (I'm bad when it comes to finishing). It's really nice, very sturdy but you can still cut through it easily if you want different shapes. Evidently the scrap booking paper, etc cames with this acid free paper so they won't crease in transportation so my friends supplier gets loads of it so I can have as much as I want for free. Can't beat that. I've already used it for the Noah piece and I really like it, it's as hard as foam core but thinner, it doesn't fold when you lace the piece.

Otherwise I haven't done to much stitching, I'm almost finished with the box for Karen. Haven't had time to sit down and work on it in peace though. DH had to leave for India for a couple of meetings. He's not thrilled, he hasn't been there before and had to take lots of shots and pills. And it's a though trip, it's far away and he's just going to stay 2 days. But he won't go back into work when he gets back so that means a longer Christmas break.

We had a lot of games and one practice here yesterday so I had to scuttle kids around and try to keep a super active 3 year old of fields/courts during the games. They all did good though, one tie and one win so I think everyone was happy especially since I took them swimming for an hour after the basket ball game. Our YMCA has a great pool with a walk in on one side and both a small and big water slide so all the kids really enjoy that.

Then we finished the day off with a Christmas movie and lots of popcorn which I have all over the floor still. Hate that crackling sound when you walk over it. The movie was a disappointment, Christmas with the Kranks. It had a couple of my favorite actors in it so I thought it would be really funny. A friend of mine dropped by and watched it with us and she was in agreement.

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Senorita Stitches said...

Kajsa, Your ornaments all look great. I stitched that Workbasket one but did a terrible job at the finish. I stitched it a second time to keep for myself. I hope I can get it to look as nice as yours does here.