Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm still not stitching a lot, I think that's why I haven't updated the blog for a while. This is just such a busy time of year for us and this year is worse then ever since DS's soccer is not taking a winter break this year. They have an indoor complex where they play and he's playing at least one game per week and then they have 3 practices per week. Add to that basket ball for DD and they are both in swimming and that's how our time flies by!!

Well, at least at this pace I'm not bored!

Yesterday (when youngest DD was in her KDO program) I was out shopping like crazy. I think I can start wrapping the gifts for Sweden and maybe mail that package off this week. It's gifts for 6 people there including birthdays so I have had a hard time getting that one together. And I'm almost done with the New Zealand package too. That one has been fun to shop for.

To my disappointment I think it will be really hard to find the new Nintendo Wii for DS by Christmas. I hit all the stores where I thought I might have a chance but no luck. At least my 11 year old seems to understand how hard it is to find it and the worse scenario is going to be a IOU note in the stocking and we'll just pick it up for him when it's available in stores. Seems like it's going to be easier to find it after the 20th this month so maybe he won't have to wait to long. I'm getting him some books and games, just little things so he will find some neat stuff under the tree.

I get the feeling that if he knows that it's going to be his soon he's happy!

Then I got this crazy idea to start painting too. I started in the entry from the garage and then continued over one wall in the kitchen too see how the paint went with the cabinet colors. Seems like it's working out fine so I'm putting the final coat on today. The color is Ryegrass from Behr, it's a very olive green color. I'm not sure when I can do the eating nook but it would be nice to do another big section before Christmas. But maybe that's wishful thinking;).

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